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Analysis of how to get Relevant Traffic to your Site

Getting visitors only to your site is not enough. There is a huge difference between getting relevant visitors and visitors who would have no interest in whatever is displayed on your site. Visitors come to a site looking for relevant information on that site. If they find the information satisfies their requirement they will continue to browse/ stick on the site. Relevant traffic can be measured by calculating the web site’s “stickiness” level. How long are the visitors staying on the site, how many pages are they seeing. The more relevant the traffic more is the site stickiness and higher the chances of a sale being made.

To get these relevant visitors you need to ensure that the webpage that is displayed to the visitors matches the requirement the visitor had. In other words if a searcher types the term “plumbing services Houston” then they are obviously wanting specific services. If the webpage the seeker lands on gives information about the plumbing services offered by your company then the chance of the visitor contacting you are much higher than if the visitor lands on a page that mentions general contractor services.

To make this page very relevant to the searchers query make sure this page is optimized for some relevant keywords like the one mentioned above. To get some keywords that are likely to bring in traffic get a bit of help using keyword tools like Google keyword estimator, word tracker etc. Any of these will not only give you an idea of the number of searches associated with keyword you have in mind, but will also suggest other suitable keywords so that you have a good range to choose from. Just make sure you stay within the set of keywords that directly reflect your webpage information. It is easy to get carried away when a large list is available to choose from.

Once you have decided on the keywords just rework the webpage copy in such a way that the keywords become a natural part of the information displayed. This will be easy if the keywords and the information have a high relevancy else it will lead to keyword stuffing which you want to avoid at all costs so as staying on the right side of Search engines. See if you can add keyword information on the images if any on the webpage, on the title bar at the top of the page, on the page heading – the site administrator will be able to do this easily.

Once the webpage is optimized as mentioned above, start promoting it across the web. Write an article and submit it to various sites. In return ask the sites to link to your webpage with the keyword. Very soon you will start to see your site url showing up in the search results when seekers search for the keyword you targeted. A url in the top 5 results will get traffic coming to your site – not any traffic but traffic relevant to what you are offering on your site and the information you are providing on your webpage.

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