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Principle of google seo

Google has come to be seen as the search engine more complicated and innovative as it really is armed with an arsenal of anti-spam technology. Increasing use of Google anti-spam feature has made Google websites optimization has become much more difficult and it is now simply a case of opening your websites source files in notepad,including some key terms in different HTML tags, upload your files and waiting for the results. In fact, this type of optimization, commonly known as the onpage optimization, only once is 20% efficient in achieving qualification for the keywords and phrases appear to be even slightly competitive. People who looked at math in school that this leaves us with 80% missing.

The 80% refers to the optimization of offpage. Optimization offpage all has to do with the amount of links pointing to your website and its pages, the exact link text (anchor text) of these links, in addition to the superior quality of the pages that the links are on. Offpage optimization is now to ensure that the extremely dominant factor that determines where a website is located at Google. So the Google search engine optimization is now mostly offpage optimization.

Why Google gives to much “weight” to offpage optimization efforts and as small a onpage optimization? So it may be all about the superior quality of its results. While onpage optimization is completely managed by the webmaster and therefore can be abused by an ethical one, offpage optimization is something that is not managed by anyone, as such, but rather by the owners of other sites , Internet sites and in fact the Internet in general. This means that in reality is much more difficult to make any misleading or spam offpage technique optimization in the hope of gaining an unfair advantage for a site in Google SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages).

The conclusion of the story from an SEO perspective is to spend less time on the web site settings you can imagine how small can make a big difference (but not) and work hard at what really counts. What ultimately counts is how the site “sees” your site, much more abundant (rich keywords) input links to your site has the best network “view” will be and therefore Google the much better view of your website probably. What Google sees your site is very important, because “caring” for the websites they like.

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