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5 Seo tips to get higher in the ranks and boost traffic for free

People are trying to get their Webpages to a higher page rank and making site get closer to that golden top ten mark on google, well truth is it will take time bit will be worth it, so here are a few tips to get higher in the ranks and boost traffic for free

One, get you know your keywords, what word in google do you want to be known for? I mean it would be that difficult to know which you want but all ways try and look at tour options, see which of your keywords are bringing in more traffic, for example, you could own a clothes shop and you might want to get higher for shirts, well if you go for that, there will be soooo much tragic but yet the amount of sites that look for shirts are outstanding, that means it’s a difficult keyword to optimise, have a look at other words on your site, see which one has loads of traffic bit little competition, that is the golden keyword,

Two, link build, try and find blogs that are in the same genre as your site and ask if you can add a link onto their site. It may be a long shot but if its free and high PR, you’ve hit a gold mine. The recommended PR should be at least 2, only accept 1 or lower IF it has keywords in the URL and content.

Three, build relationships, try and make a relationship with the person who you’ve dealt with, not as in a dinner or a night on the town relationship but business relationship, ask if they own any other sites in the same genre as the site you just posted on, the more negotiation the better the relationship will get.

Four, advertise, use forums to advertise that you are looking for sites to post on for free, their should be a few that will send you a list of sites but at the bottom will mark a price, make sure to clearly note the FREE part. If you don’t get anyone who would do them for free, ask the people nicely if they are willing to use another of their sites to guest post on for free since you have only just started (note, if they know you are new to this they will try and ask for a bit more than usual since prices are oblivious to you)

Lastly, if all fails, hire an SEO company, sure it may cost a bit but they do help a lot, of course they work on SEO twenty four seven but alleys try and get someone who actually understands it themselves and not given a speech or a memo with what he/she has to say because you will not see improvement or your money back.

Well I hope this helps and all that is left now is to start off, try and remember these tips and soon you will see improvement. If you need any other advice try and ask SEO bloggers, they are sure to help you out.

Created by Jordan Southern, Owner of the review site www.firagaburst.com and an Digital Marketing Expert for a leading UK SEO company”

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