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Ethical in SEO

Always be Ethical in SEO

If you want to gain stable rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing for a long time, then stick to Ethical SEO Techniques.

People (basically some aggressive SEOs, webmasters and bloggers) use Unethical techniques aka Black Hat SEO Techniques for getting high rankings in search engine in a short period. But I’ll let you that’s only for a short period in search engines. All major search engines like Google have advanced algorithm that can easily track all unethical SEO techniques and punish those websites with penalties like NO Indexing in search engines which is clearly mean NO RANKINGS and sometimes the website can also be BANNED.

ETHICAL SEO techniques

Being Ethical in SEO means you are totally working as per the guidelines of Search engines. Following are the most important ethical SEO techniques you must implement in optimizing your website –

  1. No Duplicate Content – Use unique content in your website. Just don’t copy and paste from any other site or blog.
  2. Write for Readers, Not for Search Engines – Stick to this point, if you really want online business.
  3. Use HTML Navigation – Instead of some javascript navigation, use simple HTML navigation, so search engines’ robot can easily read your all important links. Search engines’ still doesn’t read JavaScripts. However, there are some search engine friendly javascripts navigation which can be readable by Search engines.
  4. Unique Title Tags – Provide a unique <title> tag for every page.
  5. Unique META Tags – Provide unique META tags too.
  6. Directories Submission – Submit your website in relevant business directories and web directories like Yahoo! directory and DMOZ.
  7. Link Building – Link popularity is the most important constraint for high rankings in Search engines. If you good quality backlinks, chances are always high in gaining higher Search engines positioning. Following are the techniques comes under link building –
    • Link Exchange with other relevant sites
    • Press Release Submission
    • Blogging
    • Article Submissions
    • Social Bookmarking
  8. Sitemap – Make an XML sitemap for fast indexing for the site. And submit it in Google Webmaster Tools to analyze more about your site status in Google.

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