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How to Win a Car Sharing Worthy Content On Social Media

social_stock templatemonster

In fact you can win not only a car, Tesla Model S, to be more accurate, but also a Harley-Davidson Street, Selfie stick, iPod Shuffle 2GB, $100 on PayPal, Smartwatch Pebble, iPad mini, iPhone 6, Canon EOS 6D, or MacBook Pro.


The most taking thing about winning one or even several of the costly prizes listed above is that you shouldn’t invest too much time or efforts collecting points you’ll need to claim for them. How much time do you usually spend hanging out on social networks daily? How many friends do you have there? How many of your friends need a website for online presentation of their business projects? Why do we ask you so many questions? One moment and you will know everything.


A famous web development company, TemplateMonster.com is carrying out a ‘Social Stock’ contest. Every person with one or more social media accounts can participate in it and get his/her trophy. The rules of the contest are very simple and understandable.

First of all you should apply for registration in ‘Social Stock’. Then, TemplateMonster will generate a unique 10% promo code for all its products especially for you. Besides, the company will supply you with useful tools: memes for social networks, text messages, different samples of ready-made messages and quick solution of sending the promo-code to the entire contact list at once that will help you in your prize hunt. All you need to do is share your promo code with your friend and help them purchase a premium design from one of the industry gurus with a discount. You will get points for every buy made with your promo code and choose the prize according to the quantity of the gathered points.


Virtually, ‘Social Stock’ lets you give presents to all friends you communicate with on social networks and get a deserved reward for yourself. The project is beneficial for everybody. We are sure that your friends will be grateful for the 10% discount on website template design. Most likely your friends have heard about TemplateMonster and its top-quality products as the company is present for more than a decade on the market. That’s why it will be an enjoyable experience to give away promo codes and earn points, especially if you are a venturesome person.

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You can click here for more information about the contest. There you will be able to view the video about the contest, read the steps you should take to participate, FAQ, information about the tools, prizes details, check out the list of leaders, and pass the registration process.

It’s possible to communicate on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and any other social network and get maximum benefit of it. Do you think ‘Social Stock’ contest can be the way to go for you? You will never know until you try. No wallet needed to enter, so you can’t lose anything. It’s safe and fun and don’t forget about the valuable gadgets and vehicles you can get for free.

Are you still reading this blog post? You are kidding! Press ‘Register Me Now’ button and start making the first steps towards you prize. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

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