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SEO guide old domains

Why You Should Buy Old Domains for Proper SEO

SEO guide old domains

Aged domains can be exciting if you know the proper usage for the SEO purposes. If you are a beginner in buying old domains, you must be aware of few things. Proper evaluation can bring excellent results. Here are some methods by which you can perform a proper SEO with the aged domains.

#1. Issues to Be Aware of  

Before hosting and developing, you must buy a proper domain by verifying the details with the DNS and WHOIS servers. The SEO value of the domain can be rearranged if a 301 can be set up properly. You cannot make an instant fix with the ranking problem if you depend on the old domains. Sometimes, the webmaster has accidentally allowed the domain to expire and after that the organic ranking may have lost. But after the renewal, the ranking will automatically return. There may be a short span of time where the domain value can get decreased. After resetting the factors, the transfer may take a little bit of time. A minimum period of 3 months is generally taken to show the impact on the search engine results page.

#2. Find An Aged Domain

The domain tools do have advanced search options at the auctions. You can go through the Yahoo directories and DMoz to find out the large number of domains which expires from the listings every day.

#3. Check the Value

Before buying the domains, you must check the proper value by verifying them with different tools. You can find many external links, root domains and sub domains. But the inbound links must be suitable with the theme of the first versions of the site.

#4. Never Rush

If you are not confident enough to redirect the domain directly, you can go for bidding and notice what happens. With the domain tools, you can add many domains for testing purposes. You can follow the ‘buy this’ link and can add various domains in your basket. When you are done with your bidding successfully, you can receive an email, by confirming the new purchases. You can easily buy aged domains by following proper instructions and confirming with proper password and usernames. This is done to gain an access with the control panel of the domain registrar for changing the name server and DNS server settings.

#5. Compare New Vs Expired Domains

If you are buying new domains, you can select their ability over brands with the keywords. You can create a hosting account and can select the packages according to the quality of their service. You may go for the platinum version packages for obtaining root domains for acquiring the new domains. Using the exact match of the anchor text, you can link with the high authority PBN Links.

But, if you are going for the expired domains, you must know how to narrow down your choices. The page authority must remain as high as 30 and the domain authority should be within mid 20s. There can be 50 to 80 referring domains with around 500 backlinks in total. In this case, you will not require the HOTH package for considering all the existing backlinks.

If you want to know more about the domain buying process, you can gather information from various websites which provides lists of the expired domains. You can easily shorten the process by buying the aged domains instead of the new niche sites. You must be careful of using the different tools for verifying the value of the old domains. If you are buying the sites, keeping the SEO factors in your mind, you can definitely gain while buying the aged domains.


Author Bio:  David Wilson is an SEO professional. In this article, he is providing tips to buy aged domains instead of the new ones.

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