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How to Access Facebook & Twitter, When Blocked or Restricted

Did you try to access Facebook or Twitter, when you are in school, college or office? You must found that site is blocked or restricted when you try to access them. Numerous countries and organizations block social networking websites to prevent people to access to Facebook, Twitter etc. This is very sad moment for those who are addicted in Facebook or Twitter.How-to-Access-Facebook-Twitter-When-Blocked-or-RestrictedBut don’t worry. Many solutions are available to access the blocked websites.
We will discuss How to access Facebook when it is blocked.

But first of all I want to tell you that how the administrator of the network system blocks the website? The URLs of the websites that you type in the address bar are basically an IP address. Every website has its own unique IP. So when you enter website URL in address bar, computer matches the URL with its IP address. DNS server is registered with the network which keeps all data of the websites and corresponding IP addresses. So if a person blocks the IP address in DNS server so all clients of the DNS server won’t access that website.

*In shared server, some websites have shared IP address but the famous websites like Facebook, Google and Twitter, Youtube have unique IP’s.

1st Process:

To access the website you can use another DNS server. It is very easy. You can use OpenDNS servers or Google Public DNS servers. If you are using Windows operating system go to Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections. Right click on connection status icon, now select “Properties” and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) put any one of following in the DNS server address.

OpenDNS server address:

Google DNS server address:



2nd Process:

There are number of websites like: HideMyAss that hides or changes IP addresses, so you can access blocked websites.

Type your desired Website in search bar in the website and click HideMyAss!

Now you can access blocked Website


  1. I used HideMyAss proxy to unblock facebook in my college. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks to read the post and for your valuable comment.

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