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What SEOs can Learn From Savvy Affiliates

For years, affiliate marketers have done everything in their power to get as much traffic and as many sales as possible to increase their financial growth. Their knowledge about how to take advantage of major search engine’s algorithms can be used to help us all achieve our own goals and get the targeted traffic we deserve. Affiliate marketers don’t have the best reputation when it comes to using approved methods of SEO, and while that is partially true, a lot of the marketers have never used any black hat techniques and have been able to adjust with Google’s updates and stay successful. So let’s take a look at what we can learn from savvy affiliates and how they continue to thrive.

Strategic Thought Into Their Campaigns


We tend to try and focus on what might be working at the moment. If we hear that link building is the best way to rank higher for more traffic, we allocate the majority of our time and resources into that part of SEO. What happens when Google updates their link building algorithms and our rank drops? Do we have any backup plans? Any other campaigns we have been working on? Successful affiliates do.

If you take a deep look into what they put into their marketing efforts, you will see many different ways they get traffic. Content marketing, link building, PPC campaigns, banner ads, and anything else you can think of will most likely be implemented somehow into their overall marketing efforts. Again, I am talking about the “successful” affiliates. Of course there have been plenty of affiliates that don’t properly market or try to just focus on black hat techniques to get some fast money, but where are they now? Probably broke still trying to do the same things.

Give Your Audience Value

Another thing that we tend to see with affiliates is that they try and provide as much value to the people they get in contact with. Whether it be a free e-book, tutorials, a user-friendly website with quality content, or anything else you can think of, they make sure that people will want to come back to them. They realize the longer someone is engaged and interested in them and what they have to say, the chances of that person actually buying their product is much higher.

While the product they are trying to sell might have a lot of value, people don’t tend to just buy things on a whim anymore. Now, they like to research, engage, and think about what they spend their money on. The more reasons we give our audience to stay engaged with us, the more they will trust spending their hard earned money on our businesses.

Be Original

This might be hard, but trying to stay original in your marketing efforts will go a long way. With all of the different types of marketing methods nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a brand new way to reach your market. That doesn’t mean you can’t be original with the ways you present yourself to your audience. Give your target audience something that they are not expected or haven’t been exposed to yet. Original content is always a great place to start, but don’t just get hung up there.

You can create and introduce them to niche specific tools to help them out, make them interact with your brand, host online community events, promotions, and anything unique you can think of. The more innovative you think, the more people you will attract.

Overall, affiliate marketers will continue to be experts on how to reach their target audiences and we can all stand to learn a thing or two from them. These few tips should help you get a few ideas to increase your productivity, but there are plenty of other tips and tricks that can be learned from savvy affiliates.


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