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How Calculate Your Future PR by Yourself

A link carries .85 of the weight of the Link

Rank Weight Link for PR2 PR3 PR4
PR0 1 75
PR1 8 9.41 560 602
PR2 64 1 102 80
PR3 512 .125=1 18.7 9.41
PR4 4096 .85 3.6 1.17
PR5 32768 .002 1 .5
PR6 2,62,114 .002 .5 .5
PR7 20,97,152 .002 .5 .5
PR8 167,772,216 .002 .5 .5

Total Weight= (Link1/Outgoing1)*.85*L1_Weight+(Link2/outgoing2)*.85*L2_Weight and so on

Few factors to be considered here is that you can not exactly calculate outgoing links from a site.  Newer sites are concerned out to outlink. So number of outlink will be less. Which will be higher for higher ranked sites. Because those sites will be targets of many link campeigns.

Based on past data, I have deviced that number of outbound links changes as 2^PR

So if a PR5 site is linking to you, there is a possibility that the same page may link to 32 other links.

Therefore the New formula becomes:

Total RANK based on incoming link=∑PR .85*(Total_LinkPR * 8PR/2PR)

Your outbound link is calculated exactly the same way

Then you take the difference of the two to get actual weight



Google Knows about SEO manipulations. Therefore no software or site available over internet gives you the exact values and even Google webmasters tool including.

Therefore all you have to do is just keep a simple mathematics in mind, if you link to very high PR site with an Article ( preferably) dofollow link, then you are bound to be ranked higher.

Here is the fun part

a)      1 banklink from PR6 site with average 40 outbound link can take your PR to 4

b)      3 links from PR2 site with average 10 outbound can take your site to PR1

c)       1 link from a PR4 site with only 5 outbound link can take your rank to PR3

d)       1 link from PR9 site with average 50 outbound links can take your rank to PR7

One fact you should remember is that for PR5/PR6 sites, average outbound links are 1000. From my experience generally you get a 4PR number of outbound links from any site.

Though these calculations are based on certain mathematics which may vary based on Google recent page rank algorithm changes, It still gives you a great understanding of how to kick start your campaign.

So focus on Article writing and have a great time with your PR campaign.

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