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How to Create a Facebook Business Page

facebook page

A Facebook page can be a very effective tool for interacting with both existing and potential customers. It enables you to create awareness about your business, as well as your goods and services.

The first step to creating a Facebook business page is setting up a personal Facebook profile. Once this is done, you can then follow these guidelines to complete the process.

1. Choose the appropriate category

When you go to the ‘Create a Page’ link, you will find the following categories: Entertainment; Company, Organization or Institution; Cause or Community; Local Business or Place; Artist, Band or Public Figure; and Brand or Product. Select the category which best describes your business. However, this can be changed with time as your business changes.


2. Select a name

After choosing a category, you will then be required to select a name. If possible, use the official name of your business. However, you might have to modify the name if there is another business on Facebook using the same name. Once your page has 100+ fans, you will not be able to reverse your decision. Therefore, you need to carry out some research and take your time before settling for any name.


3. Include your basic information

Once you have selected a category and name for your page, go to the dashboard and submit your basic information. This includes your business’ website, physical location, contact details and mission statement. You will have the option of making your details either private or public.

4. Add visual identity

Just like your personal profile, your Facebook page allows you to add a cover photo, as well as a profile photo. You could use your logo as the profile photo, and a relevant image for your cover photo. For instance, if you offer music lessons, you could post a photo showing a musical instrument or an actual class in progress.


5. Appoint administrators

You need to appoint administrators who will be responsible for managing your Facebook business page. Some of the roles to be assigned could include Manager, Moderator, Insights Analyst, Advertiser and Content Creator.

6. Promote your Facebook page

Once your Facebook page is well set up, you need to start promoting it. You could begin by inviting your current contacts to check out and ‘like’ your page. Facebook allows you to send invitations to your contacts in various email service providers including Yahoo, iCloud, Comcast, Windows Live Mail and AOL. Besides sending out direct invitations, you could also consider using paid advertisements to reach your desired audience.

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7. Update frequently

Frequent updates are vital for the success of your Facebook business page. Highlight new products or services that you are offering and ask for feedback. Add photos to your timeline which capture industry events such as seminars or conferences. This will enable your visitors to stay abreast of the milestones in your business and industry. You could also add links to training videos or product demonstrations. Take time to respond to genuine feedback and comments, and delete those which look like spam.

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  1. Charles Mburugu is correct in every aspect of this good article. However, even based on our research, many small and medium businesses still don’t believe in having social media marketing, let alone a website.

  2. True Eugene….and very unfortunate. Such businesses miss out on a great opportunity to reach out many potential customers in the cyber world…

  3. Very nice and handy information provided in the article. I have created facebook page for my blog with the help of this article.
    thanks to Kerry and Charles

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