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5 Strongly Recommended WordPress Tips for Users

WordPress is fast becoming a household name in web development. This can be accounted to its user-friendly nature, along with the numerous plug-ins that simplify the process of creating or revamping a site.

But even when the process of developing websites is straightforward in WordPress, there are tricks you can do to get the most out of what it has to offer.

Building a Responsive Site

Studies reveal that there’s a sharp spike in the number of users who use their mobile devices to access the Internet. Experts project that 50 percent of contents from websites will be consumed through smartphones and tablets by 2015.

Using WordPress makes it possible for webmasters to maintain functionality while presenting a well-structured mobile version of their website. Making responsive design allows them to be consistent with their site interface in just about any size of screen.

Here are some tips in creating a responsive mobile web on WordPress:

– Adjust the depth of menu calls. Instead of sticking with a two-tier drop down style, you can opt for a separated six tier drop down menu.

– Define the dimensions of the images (widths and heights) in order for WordPress to automatically resize and crop photos when necessary.

– Limit access to plug-ins to prevent the installation of conflicting codes

– Enqueue scripts to prevent future hitches

Focus on User Management

Managing users on WordPress is pretty simple, especially when using a pre-defined theme. Yet you can adjust some of the settings to get other plug-ins into work. This way you can provide your readers with more focused content.

To improve your user management, you can:

–          add registration fields

–          assess whether you need to add or remove profile fields

–          know how you can export user data

–          implement the storage of web history of users

Go for UGC and Social Media Participation

One of the best tips to get a WordPress site on Google’s first page is to adopt user generated content instead of performing traditional SEO practices. UGC is currently among the most valuable tools in online marketing. Google is well aware of the trend, thus its action to motivate Google+ users to write reviews.

It is also high time to deviate from backlinking to relationship building. Promote your WordPress site on social media and gain more likes, re-tweet and vote. The higher number of users who perform these actions, the more handsome rank you’ll get.

Implement 2-Factor Authentication for Log-in

Regularly updating your plug-ins and backing up all your files is the best way to be spared from hackers. But it appears that the two-factor authentication gives the tightest security on WordPress so far. This requires the entry of Google Authenticator code – a 6-digit password that changes every minute — along with the ID and password. You can get the code by downloading the application.

Optimize WordPress Blog for Pinterest

There are loads of reasons on why you should optimize your blog for this photo-sharing platform. For one, majority of WordPress bloggers are also Pinterest users and vice versa. As such, you can gain higher visibility and potentially more traffic when you integrate your site on Pinterest.

As an inspiration, studies show that 60 percent of Pinterest users are also big time readers of blogs. Hence, your WordPress site can possibly ensnare more audience from Pinterest.


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