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Google Uncovers Disavow Links Tool

When you have a website and received an unwanted incoming link, you will be enraged, right? Getting annoyed is just a normal reaction to this situation since you are left with no option but to receive it. You cannot remove it but the webmaster who sent it can. However, it depends on him whether he would oblige if you asked him to. In case he is being paid to do this trick, then you cannot do anything to take out the link that you don’t really want.

If this happened to you, it is crucial to know how negative SEO runs. Google always considers many factors when determining the page rank of any websites. And one of the aspects that they really take into account is the quality of the site where the links came from.

If the sites happened to be low quality and its page ranking is low as well, then Google will also regard your site as low quality too. In this situation, your website will be pulled down from the rankings. Negative SEO rely on this method to drag down rival sites, they send links from second-rate or poor ranking sites.

Fortunately, Google has created the Disavow tool for webmasters. With this tool, the unpleasant method of pulling down competitors via sending low-quality links will be avoided.


The Disavow tool enables webmasters to inform Google about the unwanted links arriving on the site. In response, Google will not take those links and sites into consideration anymore when deciding what rank to give to your site. To avoid inconvenience on your part, just report any useless links that are coming to your site, then sit back and Google will take care of it. Although Google cannot take out the links that you have received, they will be disregarded and will not affect your site ranking anymore.

In the past, Google send out notification emails when it discovers unusual or paid links. It automatically asks webmasters to take away all the low-quality inbound links. After these malicious links are finally removed, Google and the other leading search engines will give your site a much better ranking. This will also help your site to gain a positive assessment of your visitors.

On the other hand, if there are sites that just continue to ignore requests of removing the links on your website. The Disavow tool is really a big help. Make use of this tool to totally disconnect your site from useless links. All you have to do is:

1.      Go to Google’s Disavow tools page
2.      Supply your domain name
3.      Authenticate your domain
4.      Send the file of links that you would like to disavow

It is so easy to do. Once you’re done, Google will pay no attention to those links. You can now start to benefit from links that just helpful to your website.

As the fight for the top spot ranking become stiffer, you can look forward to newer ploys aimed at obstructing Google’s algorithm. But it is good to know that Google is also working to come up with counter solutions that will benefit both the website owners and webmasters.


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