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Google TrustRank

There has been a growing awareness in the value of Google is “TrustRank” algorithm. While there are many factors that are “off the page, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your site earns the trust of Google by using these easy techniques.

The best way is to compare Trustrank think if you were to buy a product or service in the real world. There are many built-in factors used to pre-qualify a business to see if we are willing to part with our cash for their products or services. This is the same approach Google takes to measure the quality of a site, and doing so will get you out of the so-called “sandbox” much faster than the typical 4-6 months.

While in no particular order, some are more expensive than others but all worth it.

* Register your domain for 10 years. If you can not afford the $ 70 it costs in GoDaddy then you are really serious about your site?
Buy a SSL certificate – this tells Google that you are a legitimate business, because he knows he has to have a verified checking account to obtain an SSL certificate. (And buy it for many years as you can at the same time, at least for 2 years)
* Have a privacy policy that tells in detail exactly what happens with the information about the visitor that is collected on the site.
* List of postal address (no PO Boxes) – As in real life, you feel better buying a service or product of a place that has a physical location.
* Include your contact information – telephone, fax (if needed), email and name.
* If you have a bigger budget, use any of the “Hacker Safe” services and put icons on your site. Again, this tells Google that is seriously committed to the protection of the visitor’s experience on the site.

These are simple techniques that can be applied directly to your site, and Google are signs that will take your online presence seriously.

As for the “other page” factors, it is really about linking to quality sites that are relevant and sometimes considered “authority sites” by Google. Also, getting links from trusted sites will help strengthen the quality of your site in the eyes of Google spiders.

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