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SEO For Blogs

While there are many reasons to blog, there are two main applications are becoming more widespread with blogging: Google Adsense for games and also game the search engines for better ranking.

Since blogs are known for the search engines as daily snippets of information updated often receive a lot of choice in the search results.

So from this, how to optimize your blog?

Depending on the service you use, there are still some basics that apply. The two major sites are WordPress and Blogger blogs. If you are looking for an advantage with SEO, you should use Blogger, now owned by Google, and you will be indexed faster.

Blogs are not all that much different to a site. The power of a blog is the frequency of publication. If the search engines see a pattern of 3 ads per day, will be very active in tracking the site. Depending on the theme of the blog, you may be able to enhance their blog in the classification if it is related to a hot topic on the Internet.

Now for the real optimization.

Since blogs are usually a few pages long, you only need to set some rules that apply to the entire site:

* Use an interesting title – also known as linkbaiting – your title should engage the user to read more
* Try to use your keywords in the blog title – while it may be difficult to always do this, to keep the title related to the topic, your blog will always be relevant
* Use H1 tags – All blog publishers allow custom templates, so make sure to style the blog title in H1 tags
* Link to other blogs – Search for other related links that your readers might find interesting, and ask for a link to change
* Do not forget your files – you can send an item that is not hot right now, but that comes later – make sure your readers can find that publication

As noted above, the key to a successful blog is frequent shipments. You do not need to write an article each time, two paragraphs and maybe some links to resources is what a typical ad must be made up.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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