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Best Google Adwords Trick for Cheap Traffic

I know a lot of people dabble in Google’s pay-per-click adwords
program.  Here’s a really neat trick I learned a while ago that’s
really helped me and wanted to share it with you.

A lot of people think you should only bid on search terms in the
Google search engine.  They turn off the content network (ads shown
on other people’s websites) because they don’t think the clicks
convert well or that there is too much click fraud.

Try this content network bidding trick and you’ll be amazed at how
you can get great traffic for a lot less than you would off the
Google search engine.

Step 1: Setup an adwords ad group with some of your search terms
and call it your ‘harvester campaign’.  This campaign will run and
find new sites to show your ad on.  Remember this: Google is always
getting thousands of new sites added to the content network
everyday.  This harvester campaign will find them for you.

Step 2: Set up a second adwords ad group and call it ‘keepers’.
This is a website specific (placement) ad group.  Use this separate
ad group for sites the harvester finds that convert well.  The
harvester will find sites that convert extremely high with a low
cost per click.

Step 3: Set up Google’s adwords conversions and a placement report
so you can track the results.

Once you set it up just let it run.  The harvestor finds sites that
convert well for you and whole bunch of ones that don’t.  Add the
sites that convert really well into your keepers ad group.  Target
these sites and up your bid so you even better position on them.
Finally remember to exclude those sites from the harvester campaign
along with ones that don’t convert well at all.

I’ll do this adding and excluding once a month.  Now I’ve got a
really good collection of websites where I can buy cheap traffic
that converts well for me.  Honestly since I started doing this I
don’t even bid on search terms anymore–They’re too expensive.

One other nice thing – If you’ve done any work with adwords you
know about Google’s quality score.  You don’t need to worry about
this on the content network.

Hope this helps you out on any pay-per-click Google advertising you
might want to do.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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