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Factors That Can Affect Your SEO And Their Fixes


#1. Unrealistic Goals

Sky-high goals will most certainly set up your SEO campaign for failure. Do not attempt to set unreachable goals for yourself, such as dominating search engines such as Google and Bing the minute you start your campaign. If you attempt to be ranked among the top ten hits for every product and service that you offer, it could be an unrealistic wish. Many businesses have multiple offerings, and to be at the top for all of them takes some time.

You may start on your quest in a gradual manner. First, attempt to optimize your SEO campaign in such a way as to reach the top rankings for one of your products or services. Once you have met this sub-goal, move on to the next offering and focus on making it reach the top. In this way, you will be able to climb the rankings step-by-step and your campaign will be pegged a success.

#2. Unrealistic Time Frame and Budget

This factor has a large influence on the success or otherwise of your SEO campaign. Many businesses fail because they want results super-quickly but are unwilling to make the necessary investment. If you want results within a short period of time, you should be able to and have the willingness to put in the required investment. It is recommended that you consult an SEO specialist who will be able to advise you about the time required and the appropriate budget for your SEO campaign.

Usually, in a highly competitive industry, the timeframe and the budget required are both large. It is advisable to give your SEO specialist the requisite time to test the campaign and make adjustments wherever needed to optimize results.

#3. Incorrect Keywords

A common reason for the failure of an SEO campaign is wrong choice of keywords and optimization based on these keywords. It is recommended that you allow your SEO specialist to find the correct keywords after conducting extensive research. Do not use keywords that you assume your clients may be searching for most frequently. You may be surprised by the results of keyword research, which bases its conclusions on actual data.

You may use a creditable keyword research tool to analyze data on keywords and find out which keywords are successfully being employed by your competitors.

#4. Not the Right Traffic

As a consequence of using the wrong keywords, you may not be able to generate enough traffic for your website or you may not be generating the right kind of traffic that will translate into profits. In order to quickly determine whether you are directing the right sort of traffic to your business, you can check the website’s bounce rate for organic search visitors. If the bounce rate for organic search traffic is high, then it could mean that people do not find what they are looking for on your website.

Before making a decision on the bounce rate, be sure to distinguish between organic visitors and other visitor types such as referral visits or direct visits. If you find that you have a high bounce rate for all kinds of visitors, you may have a problem with your website.

#5. Outdated Website

For an SEO campaign to be successful, your website should be professionally designed and have engaging content. If your visitors do not find anything useful on your website, they will not visit it again. A campaign’s success is measured by the number of conversions, which is derived from the number of Converted Clicks.

#6. Uninteresting Content

Your website should provide the answers to questions that your visitors are asking. Only then do you get more conversions and keep your visitors engaged. If you write content only keeping search engines in mind, you may find that visitors do not find your website useful. Your strategy for developing content should include questions and answers to concepts most likely to interest your clients. In this way, potential customers will find more value in paying for your offerings.

#7. Not Tracking Data or Making Improvements

Making small improvements to your website and its contents can go a long way in keeping it fresh and updated. A successful SEO strategy should not hinge on a single point, such as phone calls or rankings. The holistic approach toward managing the website is likely to pull in more business.

Hence, you can sit back and take a good look at your SEO strategy now to identify the deficiencies and fix them.

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