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Google feedburner

FeedBurner and Its Ordinary Benefits

Google feedburner

FeedBurner is a web based feed service. FeedBurner was introduced in 2004 by four people and was later acquired by Google and was named Google FeedBurner. There are multiple benefits of FeedBurner, We will focus on some ordinary benefits of FeedBurner in this article.

Benefits of FeedBurner:

  • Smart Feed:

Smart Feed lets you target the highest possible amount of audience by providing two different types of feed format for your users.

1) You don’t have to worry about whether your user uses RSS or ATOM,

2) you can target them without any difficulty.

  • FeedFlare:

You can make it easy for your subscribers to interact with your posts on Social Media. FeedFlare allows you to include your selected Social Media services automatically below every single post of your feed.

  • BuzzBoost:

By using BuzzBoost you can publish your own feed on any other site which you manage by placing a small snippet of JavaScript. You can decorate the publication of your feed and limit the number of items to display too.

  • Email Subscriptions:

This is one of the best feature of FeedBurner, by turning on the Email Subscriptions you can’t let your users go away. You just have to put a subscription box and users can easily subscribe to you. Every time feed gets updated your users will be notified about it.

  • Socialize

Manually updating social media accounts is a bit difficult task, this feature can help you to post automatic updates on your social media accounts.

  • Feed Count:

Feed Count is the best way to tell the world how many users have already subscribed to you. It simply displays your popularity. Users who subscribe to the sites which have good amount of subscribers might also subscribe to you.


I have discussed all possible features of FeedBurner which can be beneficial for you. Feel free to discuss anything related to FeedBurner in the comments. Cheers!

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