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Easy way to make your own pages

Nowadays it has become easier to make our own web pages, directories and client-server interactions. Here they have introduced a powerful tool named as PHP Dir Submit for performing the task easier to build an efficient web page. At once you install this software; it will automatically guide you stating the entire steps in developing the web pages. This tool helps us to start our own online directory generation service and makes us to earn through PayPal.

This tool acts as a SEO tool to make interactions with your clients through the internet and where you can prepare and send articles, bookmarks and web pages. The developer has included details of about 300 directories for websites, article making and social bookmarking. You can also add still any more directories you need to the control panel. The only thing required to use this tool is a web host for execution of php SEO script.

PHP Dir Submit performances for the clients:

  • It creates a profitable business with less investment.
  • Increase the number of clients.
  • Helps to achieve your target soon.
  • Increases the growth of you business with less advertisement.
  • Constant rise in value of product.

Uniqueness of the tool

Although many existing tools are available for creating web pages in the market, this tool is seemed to be unique because of its portability i.e. we can use the tool at anyplace with internet facility. We can also able to evaluate our developed product with recent updates. Thus the site guarantees the clients for increasing their profit.


  • Linux server, Windows server
  • MySql, Tomcat Apache
  • PayPal account.


PHP Dir Submit can update itself with new inventions on article making, web pages developing mechanism and tends to be the most powerful online business directory service.

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