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Do You Find Yourself Doing This Too?

Here’s a mistake I made for years and hopefully you’re not making
it too.

What is it?

I used to only look for keywords that would get me the most traffic
to my site.  But what’s the problem with this?  Not all keywords are
created equal.

So how do you find the right keywords to go after?  I’m glad you

Here’s a little secret I learned.

Start a pay-per-click campaign on Yahoo – Not Google.  Most people
won’t tell you this but Google’s PPC program has gotten too
expensive and to make matters worse I have yet to find a case where
Google’s traffic outperforms Yahoo’s.  Yahoo’s traffic is cheaper
and much higher quality than Google’s. So I use Yahoo to find the
keywords that convert the best for my website and I use their built
in conversion tracking to find out which keywords are working for

A lot of times I’ll just let the Yahoo pay per click campaign run
because I can make money with it and I loose money with the exact
same campaign on Google.  Pretty strange huh?

So I use Yahoo to find the keywords I should go after and then I do
my SEO efforts after those keywords.  Yes my sites don’t get as
much traffic but they make me a lot more money.

Hopefully this tip helps you out.

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