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5 Tips to Write Effective SEO Content

To drive visitors to your website, increase your online presence and ultimately grow a profitable business, it’s no secret that a winning SEO campaign is vital to your success—and an integral ingredient to your campaign is the writing of effective content.  So that you can achieve your goal of landing your website on the front page of all the biggest search engines, be sure to check out the following tips for composing the most searched content on the web:

Use relevant topics.  When creating effective SEO content, don’t fall into the trap that many SEO writers often do:  misleading their readers and tricking search engines with interesting leads completely unrelated to the content itself.  Engaging in such practices will not only be confusing to your followers, but it also puts you in a position to lose your search engine rank or even get banned.  Avoid such a fate by writing content that ties in with the goal or theme of the company you are promoting.

Don’t worry about SEO in the first draft.  Without focusing on the technicalities of your SEO efforts, compose a first draft.  When it comes down to it, you are writing content that will be a representation of you and your company—you don’t want your content to sound rigidly manufactured around a set of keywords generated for the sole purpose of attracting customers and their money.  Make sure to write your content (aiming for 500—700 words) in a conversational tone that is resourceful, filled with relevant information and enjoyable for your viewers to read.  You can incorporate appropriate keywords during editing.

Choose the right keywords.  Keywords help to reel in the traffic—so choose keywords and phrases that are as specific to the content as possible so your site will rank better in search results related to those words.  When editing your material and placing your keywords, you must do so strategically.  Include keywords in the title, the first line of your content and try to use between two to five percent of your keywords throughout the entire piece with an increased amount in the beginning.  To make sure that you’re content isn’t classified as spam, it is best to incorporate keywords as naturally as possible and limit their use to about once every 100 words.

Break up your content.  So that your content is as easy as possible for visitors to read, utilize paragraphs, subheads and bullet lists.  These techniques will not only make your content more comprehensive, but they will also help your ranking—if your writing is cluttered, doesn’t flow properly or lacks information that makes sense, the chance is likely that your site will drop in rank.  In addition, you will find that breaking up your content makes for easier writing as you are able to disperse keywords without sounding repetitive.

Include links.  The integration of links into relevant areas of your content has the ability to vastly improve your SEO efforts.  If your article calls for more information, try linking to other content you have as well as outside sources of content.  But instead of using phrases like “click here,” incorporate the links as seamlessly as possible by creating hyperlinks for words already in your text.  Links can enhance your articles, but keep them to a minimum as too many links can make your text difficult to read.

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