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Did You Make Any of These 5 Common SEO Mistakes?

Here’s a list I found a while ago and keep it posted right in my
office. I still find myself making these mistakes from time to
time. Did you make any of these too?

1) Wrong title of the page – This is the first thing crawlers see
when they crawl your page. It tells the search engines what your
page is about. But did you know even if your page appears in the
search engines it’s the title that will attract people to click on
the link. Use keywords in your title and be as clear as possible.
Don’t deceive people either. Every page on your site should have
it’s own title. Don’t use the same title on every page.

2) Picking the wrong keywords – Does it make any sense to spend all
the time and effort to rank for a keyword that doesn’t convert for
you? Too many times people look for high-traffic keywords rather
than what converts for their site. Here’s a tip: Run a
Pay-per-click campaign first to see what keywords convert for you.
Then do your SEO for those keywords.

3) Having no textual content – Search Engines read text but
graphics can help conversion. Did you know people don’t really
even read websites? They scan them like a billboard on the side of
a highway. Try to keep your content around 350 words and you’ll be
fine but too many sites don’t have enough text on them.

4) Having wrong content — It is as good as having no content
because your bad content will give all the bad information to the
search engines. This is partly related to selecting the wrong
keywords because even by selecting the wrong keywords you can
easily generate wrong content.

5) Choosing the wrong target market – This is a lot like picking
the wrong keywords. Make sure you know whom your customers are
before you get into all the SEO work.

That’s my top 5. I look at them from time to time and make sure
I’m not making any of these mistakes.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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