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In this article learn the best tips for search engine optimization for WordPress. WordPress is way to generate traffic more effectively use the program. However, some owners of no-techie small businesses reluctant to use WordPress because they think it is a difficult question. Not so. WordPress is quite easy to learn and you can get a WordPress blog install and running in minutes.wordpress-seoNow, even if the search engines love WordPress blogs, you still need to learn some key points when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that the posts were found on the Internet. And you have to be an expert to perform these simple SEO strategy for your blog. You just need a little knowledge and willingness to apply what you learn you can start seeing results.

Here are 5 simple techniques to WordPress SEO:

Permalinks: When you create a new page or new post, WordPress will generate a standard URL is a question mark followed by numbers. By using these links in the first place, it is difficult for search engines to meet them. Consequently, the site will not be included in the directories. So to avoid this, a special code is needed Permalink. The code must be placed in your permalinks custom section in your WordPress administration. Simply go to “Settings” then “Permalinks” and select “Custom” menu and put this code in the field: %post_id%/%postname%/ and click Save. Now, instead of a long ugly URL, you have a URL with the password that was assigned when creating your post.

TITLE: When creating a blog, be sure to put the keyword you use for your place in the title. Because spiders are read from left to right, it is best to add your first keyword, then the title of your blog for the post. Example: Let’s say your keyword is the best advice for search engine optimization type your title to this: The best advice for search engine optimization: 5 Simple WordPress SEO Techniques. Always title your keyword and then put her royal title by his side. And try to find eye-catching headlines to attract your target readers to click on the desktop.

BODY: When writing your blog content, sure to start your first sentence in the first paragraph of your chosen keyword. As you continue to simply type your keyword choice incorporate no more than three times in the article. They do because they are considered spam and search engines as well.

Tags: WordPress is a part of the message right to a section called tags. Then, you enter keywords here in the blog. The best thing you can do, is not more than 2 or 3 relevant keywords. Something else that is confused with spiders, when it comes to indexing content. tag before the word is a keyword that is used in the title. So, for example, if your keyword is “Best optimization tips search engine”, so it would be the first part of the keyword tag. And two other keywords should perhaps be “Best SEO Tips” and “Simple WordPress SEO techniques”. Again, just be sure to be relevant to your article.

PINGing SERVICES: Services to use ping as and send signals to inform search engines to publish new content on your site. When you ping them, they send spiders to crawl your site for content in the index accordingly.

So as you can see, optimizing your site to WordPress is not as difficult as many people think it is.

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  1. Title and Body,these two points are very important..our focus should be on following these tips we can get success.Use keywords.

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