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Local SEO Tips

As Google moves closer to localising/personalising their search engine its important that you take note of the power of local search results. Google released figures that showed around 20% of all internet searches are for local businesses and services (included city/town names). That is a large amount of potential clients you are missing out on if you are ignoring local keyword optimisation.

Google is putting a large emphasis on the local results by incorporating them into the natural results so if you run a brick and mortar business or service then you need to make sure you are doing everything possible to capture this traffic. So here are a few tips to get you started.

Get a local listing – this is paramount to starting your local campaign. Make sure you sign your business up to Google Places and fill it with all the information you can. People can then find your business and review it after.

Brick and Mortar details – Make sure you have all the details of your local address featured prominently on your website. This will help in picking up the local traffic containing area names.

Promote your local – Make sure you are telling people that they can find you on certain directories, forums or Google Places. Encourage them to leave reviews which in turn will generate more custom.


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