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Internet Commodities

How valuable is your site?

How many ways has monetized your site with Google AdWords or some kind of sponsorship through banner ads?

These are the most common uses of commodity internet – ways to make money off the good ol network. ”

But how many times have you used the value of your product or service in exchange for something else?

There are many like-minded people who may be interested in your product or services and willing to do a stright trade for goods and services.

Are you taking advantage of this?

Do not forget your room space real estate. While the images are pleasing to the eye, search engines could care less about them. The other party in the content and links. While the content will become the user, the links are generated traffic.

People often contact me about wanting to buy a text link and ask for the amount of traffic the site receives. First of all, on my site in particular, has one goal: to sell an ebook.

And do you think the person who buys an ebook is really going to be interested in everything that you want to offer? My information tells me there’s a better chance of Elvis back on tour.

However, there is a high value on getting seo a link from the site.

Why? The site has some numbers in Google rankings, which in turn means that Google considers the place of the most important in any subject. In essance, for all # 1 ranking site, is an authority on that keyword phrase.

To be associated with a higher ranking site, any site that links to receive the side benefits of being linked from the site.

Another element of trade in goods is to equate the value – if someone sells a ITME for $ 49, and my only product that sells for $ 39, but I have a rate base directory that allows text links at $ 10 each, you can make an exchange offer both products for the product.

The point is, the Internet is the best way to convey your message, product or service to the world. Why not to use their experience to get some great gifts?

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