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Automated emails to increase your business growth

Email marketing is so popular as it helps businesses grow, earn more money and helps people satisfy their needs. It’s stated that every $1 spent brings $40 ROI. This is another reason for email marketing to be so popular and widespread. On the other hand, day after day the fight between marketers for people’s attention becomes harder.

Why? People are receiving more interesting emails, they have a great choice of beneficial offers, and surely they are aware of this fight. That’s why it’s a real challenge – to amuse, to make interested and to engage. Such competitiveness makes marketers work even harder, makes them find innovative solutions and make unpredictable decisions.

This review is dedicated to an email marketing platform that gives another chance to improve email marketing and get more – SendPulse.

Why does SendPulse stand out?

So many companies today offer their email services that we should take them critically.

SendPulse stands out from other companies because they provide different ways to improve email marketing. SendPulse is an integrated platform that combines 3 communication channels – email, web push notification, SMS. It’s possible even within one email campaign!

Besides, they’ve recently released a new feature – Automation 360. It helps not only improve email marketing but automate it, save precious time and follow every client’s path in your business.

How to combine email, SMS and web push within 1 campaign?

While creating an email campaign – at the last stage, you can select “Resend this message to users that did not open it”. There are 2 options: to resend a message with SendPulse AI using WebPush or Email or resend a message by email only.

Automation 360

Web push service in SendPulse is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

It means that you can send an unlimited number of notifications without any restrictions! Isn’t it tempting?

But, mind that the users should allow you to send them push notifications.

How to increase engagement with the help of automations?

SendPulse offers sequential automation and Automation 360 for this purpose. Sequential automation is available within free pricing plan. Besides, you can send up to 15,000 emails to less than 2,500 subscribers FOR FREE. Free tariff is worth trying the service.

So, let’s take a look at sequential automation.

Automation 360

It is free and easy to set up. You can send a series after a user subscribes, on a special date and triggered emails.

While creating an autoresponder, you can activate push notifications or SMS. Those who didn’t open your email will receive a push notification or SMS. Thus, you’ll increase conversions.

This type of automation is a perfect solution for the beginners.


Automation 360

Automation 360 allows to create a flexible event-based automation flow. This feature is available on paid plans only, but you can create an automation flow within free tariff to test drive the service.

Automation 360

This is the working field of the feature. It will cause no difficulties if you’ve ever worked with a drag-and-drop editor.

All the main elements to drag are on the left.

On the right part of the field, you can choose an event which your automation flow is dedicated to. There are 4 already created events in the system – registration, purchase, custom event and abandoned shopping cart.

Your event is your goal, if it’s reached, you can stop the flow and get conversions.

Elements on the left are blocks, you can add up to 50 blocks to your working field. It allows to create an advanced automation flow.

How to increase conversions with Automation 360?

Automation 360 gives a chance to combine email, SMS and web push as well. You can send an email with TOP goods, send SMS with order confirmation and send a web push informing on delivery status. Or, if a user didn’t open your reengagement email – send push notification and so on.

Filter allows to send relevant and personalized email to every subscriber. If you own an online sports shopping store, you can send different emails to men and women; to fans of different brands like Adidas, Nike, Columbia; to subscribers living in different countries. It depends on data you have about your clients.

Condition block filters further actions. For example, if the condition is payment, and it was made, send a thank-you email to your subscribers. Or, another case – if a user didn’t open your reactivation email – send SMS with the text «Read the email and get 15% discount on the goods in your shopping cart». This way, you’ll certainly get more conversions and ROI, besides, you can reactivate passive customers.

Action block will help you to keep your mailing lists segmented and delete inactive subscribers.

Use Action to:

  • Move subscribers to another mailing lists
  • Copy subscribers to another list
  • Delete subscribers from the list
  • Change variables

For example, if a customer changed his preferences, you can move him to the corresponding mailing list (segment).

If your subscriber doesn’t read your emails at all – delete him.

You can track conversions at any stage of your automation flow. They depend on your goals, if they are achieved – you get a conversion.

So, using Automation 360 you can create advanced automation flows, segmented audience and monitor the path of every customer. This data will help you improve your work and discover the best practices for your business.

If it seems to you too complicated, contact the support team of the service – the guys are really helpful.

Enjoy email marketing!


  1. This article helps me alot! Thank You!

  2. Yes, email is a great and efficient way to grow your business, especially among your current and pending customers. You’re so right that the bar has been raised as people are getting bombarded with emails. This looks like a great tool to test and optimize your email campaigns.

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