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SEO- Top rated companion of a digital marketing agency

Search Engine Optimization, is surely the preemptive companion of the digital marketing agency. A Digital marketing agency is of no use if the operations of search engine optimization is not utilized to its maximum potential. Search engine optimization is one of the strongest tools used by any digital marketing agency, it is the process of affecting the online prominence of a website or a webpage in the web search engine.

digital marketing

Search engine optimization is usually used to generate a sense of trustworthiness among the customer as your website is ranked among the top most websites searched on the search engine. Search engine optimization is recognized as a major pill of growth for a baby business looking to buy attention from customer and market share.

How crucial is a SEO company to any business?

Hiring an SEO company is one of the toughest and a challenging task for any marketer. If you find the right SEO firm for your business, it is a proven fact that you will start making money out of it in no time. If your website undergoes a proper SEO process, it will be ranked on the top of the search engine generating sales which you have never thought of.  The right SEO Company will generate more traffic and will probably bring in more business which will increase the profitability.

If you hire the wrong SEO Company, then you might be in wrong hands. The situation will be vice versa. The wrong SEO Company will probably throw you back on the ground and can make your situation worse than ever before. No, sales, no traffic and probably no sense of trust among the customers. In short it means no business.  Why do companies in the digital era fail? There are two reasons for it. Either they have not integrated SEO into their business or they initiated the wrong SEO Company to do the job.

Hiring the best SEO Company

Hiring the right company is surely one of the toughest job to do. The best strategy to hire the best company is shortlist highly ranked SEO agencies and before hiring them for the relevant task, every marketer or the CEO, or someone responsible should ask them some key questions which will enable you to decide the one which suits your best interest.

How much time will it take to be ranked on Google?

This is one of the trickiest question to be asked. If any agency providing a certain time period is not the company you would want to hire. These type of companies who provide a certified time period are the only ones which have given nothing but bad reputation to the industry. I admit that there are on-site adjustments such as a strong or a unique domain name which can rank a website. However, there is no answer to this question.

A renowned SEO company will always research your company and based upon the competiveness of the industry and the strategy will provide a base time but will never guarantee first page results in a very limited amount of time.

What is the tactics for backlinks?

At times there are some businesses which have amused me by not having a backlink strategy. Backlinks are recognized as the base to Google’s algorithm. If there are no structured backlinks to your websites, it will be very tough to rank your website on Google. Every company wants to measure the domain authority versus the competition which is probably one of the greatest indicator to see how well your website is doing in terms of ranking on Google.

If any agency claims that they are building backlinks for your website, it is a must to ask them to provide the backlink profile so that you can see if all of those links are legitimate. If there are no certified new links postings on your website, it is a major indicator that there are no proactive measures taking in this specific area.

Is there any on-site optimization which will take place?

One of the most important factor that Google recognize is the user experience of your website. User experience is a result of facts and figures which illustrates that are people staying on your website and demonstrates the bounce back rate of your website.

Any SEO firm that choose is responsible to analyze the data from Google Analytic and has the ability to figure out which page has the highest bounce back rate.  A good SEO company will help you maintain your website by analyzing all those pages which have the highest number of bounce rates. A good SEO company will always find a way to improve pages throughout your website.

Is there any keyword research going on?

Keyword research is the one of the strongest strategy while undergoing SEO strategies for your business. One of the major task for a SEO company is to illustrate the right keyword for your website to make sure that maximum people are searching with that specific keyword.

Incorporation of the right keyword will definitely rank the website among the top searches on the search engine. A good SEO company should always be able to provide the trending keywords for your home and inner pages. They will result in maximum traffic for your website.

What is their blog strategy?

Blogging is one of the strongest elements recognized by Google. If the content written on the blog is relevant it will probably bring in more traffic. Blogging is one major form of advertising allowing the brand to aware customers more about their existence. It is essential to ask about their blogging strategy before hiring them for the right purpose.

SEO is just like a game of chess

Search Engine Optimization is just like a game of chess played between the company and the competition. If you identify the right move and implement the right strategy, the game is always yours, otherwise it is a checkmate.

Author Bio:- Andrew Bill is an eminent and experienced name in the SEO industry and is associated with a renowned digital marketing agency providing SEO related services. He has spent his intact professional life in giving opinion and providing his expertise to major SEO companies functioning in Singapore.

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  1. Yes, it is indeed tricky business to find the right place. There are so many hacks out there, and one of the challenges is that the average business owner doesn’t know what to look for nor what to ask. This will certainly help many looking to hire an agency for this type of work.

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