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Kerry Tiwana

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

Recovering From Manual Spam Action Of Google And Improving Ranks


If websites violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines, Google imposes penalties on the sites. This is known as Manual spam action. Depending on how severe the web spam is the websites may be penalised partially or wholly. The site falls in terms of rankings and in some cases they are totally removed from search results. If websites practice spam techniques they are …

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A list of Free Blogging Tools for Small Business


For any small business, blogging is the ultimate habit for better business. The reason is that you will able to reach to your future customers as well. Actually, you have to give the power of blogging in the business in such a way that it can cater huge footfalls of visitors and it can make the expected benefits from it …

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Best SEO tools and Resources you’ll need in 2014


It is difficult to choose the best tools and resources for the year 2014 because Google keeps moving the goal posts as if they were jelly in the wind. Still, the tools on this list have been cherry picked because they are more suitable than ever for use in the year 2014 when the Google Hummingbird is still sharpening its …

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How to Increase Traffic with YouTube Fast


It is always exciting to see a new technique which works well and works fast.  There are some people out there who are definitely on the cutting edge of marketing. That’s why when you read this article I want you to know this stuff is really cutting edge and it isn’t something which might increase traffic to your website from …

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SEO Images – Essential for Achieving a Laudable WordPress Website


If you’re actually serious about making the most out of your WordPress website then it’s vital that you do everything that’ll ascertain your site’s visibility over the World Wide Web. One such crucial factor that needs to be looked after is the optimization of your WordPress website for all the major search engines. Setting up your site to communicate to …

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