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Organic SEO

Organic SEO Always Require Patience

Search engine optimization is a process which needs patience and planning. You can’t achieve good rankings on a competitive keyword in a day. It will require a set of techniques and time.

Organic SEO

Some people / companies are so aggressive, they just want to see some quick results. Obviously, we are living in 3G life, everything is so fast nowadays that our expectations are going high and high.

Now, let me tell you why Organic SEO takes time in making your website in good search engine positioning. Search engine optimization is a process including many aspects including –

  • SEO friendly website nature – Making your website search engine friendly is a big task you have to do when you have start a website. An SEO have to check many factors in a website to make it SEO friendly –
    • URL naming
    • Content
    • Navigation
    • Internal linking
    • Outbound links
    • Sitemap etc.
  • Dependence on Search engine algorithms – SEO totally depend on the Search engine’s algorithms. Most of the search engine’s changes their algo within every 3 months.
  • Off-site Strategy – Every site has a unique nature and market, and we can’t say the same process will be executed for every other website. And, every process demand a good time to perfectly executed. The process like –
    • Directories Submissions – You have to wait for your submission.
    • Press Releases – You have to wait for the approval from the PR editor.
    • Article Submissions – Again, you need approvals.
    • Blogging – Regular positing is required.
  • Taking care of Penalties – Search engines like Google are very smart now. If we overdo the process, they can catch and punish you in terms of –
    • Rankings
    • Indexing
    • Google PageRank

You can easily understand now how SEO works and how it will take time to achieve a good positioning in Search engines. But still, if you need some fast action, you must use other advertising options like Pay Per Click.

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