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Invest in SEO

Now More Than Ever Before is the Time to Invest in SEO. Read on to Find out Why

The SEO world has had major changes in the recent few months. The search engines in a bid to offer better results to searchers have updated their ranking software commonly known as algorithms. As a result many websites that had found their way to the top through dubious means were either penalized or banned all together.

Invest in SEO

This has elicited major discussions online with many people saying that SEO is dead. Well, in this article I want to show you that SEO is not dead. And that as an online business owner more than ever before this is the time to invest in good SEO and good tools like Paradox SEO.

  1. Content websites get most of their traffic from the search engines.

Many websites that generally produce content e.g. blogs get visitors from search engines. People interested in some specific kind of information go online and type a few search terms to try and find what they need.

These are the best kind of customers because they are pre-qualified. They already have an interest in what you have to offer. You are not interrupting their favorite TV show or placing an advert that obstructs a news story that they so much want to read.

Search engine traffic is vital for the success of any content based website.

  1. About 8 out 10 users prefer getting information from organic listings and not the paid ads

If you had a choice between getting ranked on top of the first page of search engine result pages or on the top ad slot on the same search engine the search results listing will translate to more business to you than the top ad slot-any day.

So whether you have the budget necessary to run PPC campaigns or not organic listing is something you want to consider seriously.

People just don’t like ads!

They have actually perfected the art –or the science- of ignoring the many ads they encounter everyday as they search for stuff online.

TV viewers now can skips ads using their DVRs!

  1. Seven out of ten of the links clicked online by searchers are organic links

Again internet users have continued to show how savvy they are. Many can tell the difference between an ad link and an organic link. And they avoid ad links like the plague.

So every 7 out 10 times searchers will click organic links and ignore advert links. For some reason they don’t want to be sold to at that moment.

A better explanation being they are still in the early stages of the buying process-so they are not ready to get out their credit card yet!

And once they are ready to buy they will be influenced to a great extent by the information they read from organic listings.

For this reason every online business person should endeavor to ensure that their business website is listed on the first page of search results for the target keywords.

Let potential clients learn from your own content before the make a purchase.

  1. Leads generated from SEO have close to 15% conversion rates unlike the less than two percent close rate for traditional outbound marketing like TV and print advertising

As mentioned above SEO is an inbound marketing strategy while the others are outbound. Selling something to someone who is already looking for it is easier than someone who may not even know that your product exists-let alone having a need for it.

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