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Most Proven SEO Tips

4 Most Proven SEO Tips Every Business Should Use Today!

It was a black cold night, the clock was striking thirteen, and I stated the key problems we face when we transfer the business to an online platform. Happily, I came to a conclusion!

Most Proven SEO Tips

But before coming to conclusion, I must state a fact “no SEO” means “no audience” which means “no traffic”, period! What it states is that Google or any other search engines require modern-day SEO techniques and algorithms to provide the solution just like our car needs gasoline to move on the road, leading us to the destinations.

Many of SEO techniques create a powerful engine for your online business or website, delivering a boost in web optimization and rank on search engine result pages ‘SERPS’. However, the same SEO algorithms and techniques that worked for some of the websites do not necessarily mean, they will prove to be right for other websites also.

Today I’m going to talk about the ‘safe way SEO’ that is constructed with latest SEO techniques that happen to be working for every business today. My concern is to erase the hefty struggles with no successful SEO results.

Without further ado, here are 4 most proven SEO tips that you need to implement today.

#1. Leverage long-tails

Having an online business or website, you might need to strive for heightened traffic and increased reach. And of course, in every business stage in an online world, you require them, as the more visibility, the more likelihood of getting higher ROI.

When it comes to well-known businesses, things get much easier, and you can easily jump to the top in a fierce competition. Reason being is, they’ve already worked hard on brand recognition and stability. On the flip side, small enterprises or startups face difficulties when adjusting their site on Google for ‘visibility’. And as it is generally said, ‘no visibility, no credibility’.

To increase the visibility, you need to incorporate SEO techniques and enter for high volume searches. For that, write impactful Meta titles and content for your frontier or home pages, and incorporate latest terms for your business. The game is simple, if your audience find the relevant products or services appearing in your links, probabilities are they might open it and buy your products.

What to avoid here is, never make acollective products or services page. A sagacious marketer utilizes different product sections in different pages. For inspiration, let’s say your business is about selling fine quality sweaters, thing to avoid here is, creating a ‘sweaters page’ for all kinds of sweaters.Instead, make sections, a separate page for “white sweaters”, for “knit sweaters”, and for “wool sweaters”.

#2. Be cautious of the problems that comes from a large site

There are several technical issues that come from a large site, but, the most destructing is replication! Generally, when it comes to the development of large site, it utilizes a template to produce a larger quality content on the site, but indiscreetly, it brings replication.

As an SEO expert, I believe replication of site is a great concern. When search engine sneaks a website and realizes having two or more different sites with the same content, it gets uncertain which page should be given an advantage. Therefore, it brings a split between potentialcustomers and possibly causing loss of business.

#3. Maps, directories & citations

For startups, it’s highly important that your business website is fully-optimized on search engines and google Maps. Why not, if your audience cannot get directions to you, then you’re out of luck!

What amazes me is that many websites have yet to claim their map listings through Google My Business. Apart from other audience grabbing techniques, this is a simple and easy step, which can give you more audience and allows you to manage how your location or citation appears on Google. Here are top instructions on how toadd or claim your listing on Google.

We have heard about Google My Business and its workings. It is one of the listing sites for local companies or startups. The purpose of the site is to claim and update your site listing in as many relevant, legitimate directories and maps services as possible; it optimizes those directories with correct business information. Please note: It’s highly important to make sure your name, address and contact information is consistent across the website.

The list of big directories and maps sites you need to look for are; Google, Yahoo Business, Bing, yelp, MapQuest, Yellow Pages, and Facebook.

Moreover, when you begin claiming these, you would get calls from bots or different email addresses from the sites, claiming that they can grow your business for a small fee. You know what you have to do, ignore them!

Having an online business, if you really want to be on top of thethings, I suggest to look into Moz Local or Yext. Not only they’ll help you streamline the process, but also alert you if something goes wrong. They might not catch everything, but they can surely provide you a good starting point, and they can direct you to monitor and maintain any listings you have claimed.

#4. Plan ahead

Lastly, wise men plan ahead. The key point to understand here is, to set your business apart from competitors, you need to get the first mover advantage, even if it is a digital world. Undeniably, SEO takes time, and gets more complex when it fails to bring immediate ROI. But,if you are planning ahead, it might take time for your content to be optimized. But your site will be credited fully later.

As a result, you need to focus for a broader picture that requires time and patience. There comes situations when you’re leveraging the right SEO tools, which demand more time to function properly, however, they bring greater results in the longer run.

Author Bio:- Richard K. runs a leading Digital Marketing &SEO agency, who is concerned to provide digital marketing tips & solutions for beginners and industry experts as well. As we understand the new channels and strategies are bombarding the business world every day; the competition has grown beyond the limits, making it highly important to keep a flow with all the latest social media, content strategies, technologies, and smartphones accesses.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.


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    This is the perfect info for someone that is struggling with coming up with new and different ways to present content as well as create new content. Can you say burn out???? Yes, but now with this info-graphic I have got close to a dozen ideas to implement that will make life SO much easier.
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