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10 Reasons To Use Social Media Marketing For Your Blogs


So, you’ve build a really great blog. That’s great! But can you vouch it will present good ROI (return on investment). But with social media marketing efforts, you can definitely drive in more customers and end up generating good revenues. Here’s a list of top 10 reasons how using social media marketing for blogs proves to be a beneficial choice.

#1. Builds Larger Community


Social media marketing encourages building up communities. Getting followers of your social networks to join your community helps you gain more insight about what they like and dislike about your offerings. Besides, directly communicating with your followers help you understand about the problems they’re facing, which saves you from carrying out some paid market research.

#2. Brand Recognition

IMAGE 3By putting in constant efforts in social media networks, you can build a reputation for your blog. With social media marketing, you get to know the people you might be interested in the topics or categories that you’ve been writing upon. And in case those people find your posts valuable, most likely they’ll like to share it with their friends. This help to flourish your brand awareness.

#3. Boost Traffic


According to reports, social media marketing helps in augmenting the traffic. As per the reports, nearly 74% of users that invested 6 hours per week in social media marketing observed increased traffic. And the ones having an experience of 3 years or more reported even more better results. Thus, you should give social media marketing a try and you’ll definitely be able to attract more traffic to your blog.

#4. Organic Search Results


Links produced and acquired on posting and sharing your blog posts via social media are usually organic. Organic links are regarded as reliable sources to access information, and thus, help your blogs attain prominent search engine results.

#5. Garner More Traffic From Additional Sources


Social media marketing helps drive traffic from various other sources than the search engines. Access to additional sources help you give more options to bring traffic to your blog. What’s more, when you post your blogs to social media networks, there is a possibility that your followers will click-through and access your website. This gives you an opportunity to encourage those visitors to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list, and eventually make purchase of products that you might have discussed in the blog.

#6. Keeps You Ahead of the Competition

IMAGE 7Whenever you engage in social media a lot of your clients may be keeping a check on what new though-provoking ideas you’ve been posting and sharing. But by not promoting your social media networks via marketing, you won’t be able to reach a wider audience. Social marketing isn’t just a trend and is rather something whose popularity is not going to abate. I’m not saying to spend 24 hours on making social media marketing efforts, but what am saying is to stay in touch with latest marketing trends, and keep introducing them to publicize your blog. This will definitely help you keep ahead of the curve.

#7. Competitive Advantage


Chances are that your competitors might not have been making use of social marketing tool, thus utilizing this tool for your blogs can help you establish a strong foothold in the social ecosystem. This will definitely give you a trump hand over the competitors. On the other hand, in case you are not marketing your blog posts well and your competitors have become a well-established brand in the social world because of social marketing, you’ll definitely doom to failure.

#8. Builds Authority and Loyal Customer Base


Social media marketing tool can help establish you as an authority in your field, by making you the ideal resource for your customers to look for help. All you need to do is share your blog posts and answer questions of your audience, and you will certainly build loyal fans.

#9. Lead Generation


It has been reported that 61% marketers spending at least 6 hours per week experience generating more leads using social media marketing. It will be suffice to say that, using this tool to market your content can help you generate potential leads.

#10. Greater Influence


Social marketing makes it possible for your blog readers to easily share your content with others. Sharing your content among friends and acquaintances leads to conversations about your brand. This eventually build stronger influence over a greater audience and you might be able to encourage them to visit your site once.


If you’ve been looking to promote your blog in the online arena to drive traffic to your site and keep your target audience engaged, then I’ll recommend you to follow the aforementioned top 10 reasons how social media marketing can prove to be useful asset for you.


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