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Visual Hierarchy Is An Absolute Necessity In Web Designing


Visual hierarchy plays an important role in effective web designing. It is important to understand the theory and the use of the same in web designing. Designing is integral to visual communication and web designer has to ensure that the ideas communicated through the site attracts the attention of the readers. Hierarchy in web designing does not deal with the content or the information that you intend to cater. It can be created through the use of imagery. Imagery in the form of photos, icons or the buttons that are used in the website has an impact on the hierarchy of the site. These imageries help in setting the mood of the website.

Use of imagery

If the image elements that are used in the design are not in sync with the other elements of the site then it might affect the intended message that is catered by the same. Creating an effective visual hierarchy boosts the user experience of the readers, without hampering the flow in the site. Imageries used in the websites are also effective for storytelling as it helps in explaining the users the information in an easy way. With the use of imagery, you can be more creative with the site and make it visually exciting.

Align the imagery

If you want your website to look professional, make sure that you use imageries that reflect the same. Utmost care should be taken to choose the imagery and display the sane on the site. Decision regarding the use of custom and stock photography also depends on the need of the size. The size of the imagery that you intend to use in the site also has an effect in the visual hierarchy that it creates. It is important to align the imagery in the vertical rhythm that has been created in the website.

Hierarchy and typography

Visual hierarchy also depends on the typography that is used in the site. The hierarchy is usually created by the relationship of tone and visual texture. The fonts, size and texture that are used in the site together form tonal value, pattern and textures that create an effect on the website. The combination of different patterns, tonal value, texture, line spacing, special distribution, point size all are important as they effect the density of the font that you are using the site. You can create a visual hierarchy by creating a contrast between the different fonts that are used in the site.

Important tools to establish it

While designing the site to ensure visual hierarchy, there is few points and tools that designers need to be considered. First is the size if the imagery or the font that are used in the site. Size is considered to be an effective hierarchical tool as it guides the viewer to a specific part of the page. Size plays an important role in the organization of the site. Correlation between various sizes of the elements is important for hierarchy. Color is also an important tool for creating a hierarchy. The use of contrasting and bold colors of the specific portion of the website demands attention of the viewers.

Contrast of colors and font size

The use of contrast colors also reflects the importance one content in comparison to the other. Dramatic contract between different font sizes and the colors indicates that the portion of the site requires special attention of the readers. Even a change of background can also be effective to separate the core area from the others. Alignment of the different elements in the site is of utmost importance as it creates an order between them. If you use unique ways of Alignment, you can also provoke the attention of the readers. It is important for the designers to be a master in the art of creating a visual hierarchy to get the desired result.

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