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Too Many Links Too Quickly is Bad for SEO

For any hard task, there is a shortcut that tempts people with fast and easy results. SEO is a hard task. It takes time and effort and quite a bit of patience. There’s the additional stressor in knowing that, for every day that your competitor outranks you on search engine results for your desired terms, you’re probably losing sales to them and coming off as a less legitimate site to searchers. Shortcuts in SEO are more likely to hurt you than help you. If you want your search engine optimization to pick up steam, you’ll have to be patient enough to let the boiler get hot.

The Hazards of Fast Links

Search engines, though saying this is to anthropomorphize them a bit, aren’t stupid. When you have no backlinks and then suddenly have 100 or even 1,000 within the space of a week, they know that something is fishy.

Getting a lot of links fast generally gives you the same bubble and burst benefit that you get from any other black hat SEO technique. You’ll pick up some search engine placement at first, in all likelihood, and then the search engines will catch on to what you’re doing.

When the search engines do catch on, you can be sure that they’re going to penalize you for it. Search engines do not want to weigh the worthiness of sites based solely on how many backlinks those sites get because this opens the door to link spam. If you’re getting too many links in too short an amount of time, you’re either trading with sites that engage in link spam or you’re just going to be suspected enough of it to take a hit.

This particular shortcut could cost you weeks or months of work on your legitimate SEO efforts, and these shortcuts are not worth that.

Slow and Steady

Good SEO content sometimes takes a while to get noticed. Generally, if you put out good content and make sure that it’s easy for people to share it on their social networks, put it on your blog and so forth, people will gradually discover it and start spreading it around for you. This is what search engines like to see. The speed with which you acquire links via legitimate shares and backlinks from users is not nearly as fast as you would get by link spamming, but it’s real. The search engines pick up on this and will most certainly give your page more weight in the search engine rankings when they see that people actually enjoy your content enough to share it with links, likes and so forth.

This can take a long time to achieve. A good article, however, can continue to pay off for months or even years if the content doesn’t become outdated. The more of this content that you provide, the higher your search engine rankings are likely to go, but be prepared for it to take a while before you see results.

It Works for Any Business

Whether you sell a VPN service or retail crocheted socks online, being patient about your SEO results and waiting for legitimate strategies to pay off is always worth the effort. As is the case with links, any other type of instant SEO is usually a very bad idea. What the search engines want to do is send their readers to quality sites and the highest quality sites sometimes take months or years to develop the kind of content that justifies that designation. Try to fool the search engines and you’ll likely find that the search engines are not the ones who end up looking foolish!


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