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The Low-down On Getting the TOP Google Positions

A bit of a long article, but well worth the read.

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You see, people love to make things complicated, but making
money online is actually really simple.

Whether you are selling your own product, promoting
affiliate links, or making money from adsense, it all boils
down to just two things:

Conversion and Traffic.

Conversion comes first.  You need to have an offer that
people want.  That “offer” might be a product, or it might
be an enticing advertisement that people
want to click on.  And you need some kind of presentation
(such as a sales letter) that encourages them to take the
action that you want them to take (eg. buy the product or
click on the advert).

In many ways this is the easy part.  Most people can knock
together a half decent website or sales letter that will
convert at least some visitors into money.

But then you need Traffic.  Loads of it.  The more people
that come by your site, the more money you will make –
especially if that traffic is highly targeted.

But, given the number of websites out there (over 15 billion
of them) – all competing for the same traffic, just how do
you get more visitors to your site?

Well, there are just three ways that people arrive at your

1. They type your URL straight into their browser.  That
comes from some sort of offline promotion – it might be
your business card, a radio advert, an article in a
magazine, or a conversation with a friend.

2. They click on a link somewhere.  It might be in an email
they received (eg. from a friend or from an ezine they
subscribed to), or it might be on another website they have

3. Or they do a search in the search engines, see your site
in the listings, and click to visit.

That’s it.  There is no other way for them to get to your

So, knowing that, how do get more traffic?  It’s simple:

1. Make sure you are promoting your online presence in all
your offline promotional materials.

2. Get lots of people to link to you, and lots of people to
send out emails with your link in it.

3. Get a top position in the search engines.

Hmm. Simple, but not easy.  Just how do you achieve #2 and #3
without spending heaps of cash or getting banned by the
search engines?

To understand this, we need to understand how the search
engines work.  Again, it is much simpler than people make

Search engines want lots of people to use them.  To achieve
that, they strive to deliver relevant and up-to-date
content to people who search through them.

But how do they determine what is relevant to each search?

There are only two ways they can do that:

1. They look at your site.  Using very sophisticated
algorithms they determine what the subject matter of your
site is.  The also see how new, or old, it is, how recently
it has changed, and so on.  These are all known as on-page
or on-site factors.  You have direct control over many of
these when you set up your site.

2. Then they look at what other people say about your site.  In
doing this they look at two things: how many people link to
your site (and what the link says).  They also consider how
recent the links that point to you are, and a number of
other factors about the link and the context in which it is

So, to get to the top of the search engines you need to do
two things:

1. Optimize your on-page factors. There is plenty of
information online about how to do that.  It is not
difficult.  But, in itself, it is not enough.

2. Get lots of high quality, one-way, relevant links to
your site from as many other sites as possible.

How do you get people to link to you?

1. Have a fantastic product so that they just,
spontaneously, want to tell others about your site.

2. Pay them to link to you – buy a text link, or offer an
affiliate program.

3. Exchange links with them – but reciprocal links are
clearly not worth as much as one-way links, and it is a lot
of work to do this effectively.

4. Provide them with fresh, unique content that adds value
to their site in return for which they agree to post a link
back to you. Every site needs fresh unique content to stay
current in the eyes of the search engines.  They get this
content by hunting through article directories, or by
subscribing to article submission services like the Unique
Article Wizard.

So, if you send out articles to such directories and blogs, your
articles will end up both on the directories themselves,
AND on the niche sites that pick up and use UAW’s article feeds.
And those sites will reward you with a one-way link back to your site.

As you can see, this last method is the simplest and most
powerful.  It gives you hundreds or thousands of one way
links, from niche, relevant sites, all for free.

All you need is some way to get a different, unique,
article to each of those directories and ezine publishers.

Which is, of course, what the Unique Article Wizard does.

But don’t stop there.  The real power behind this system

comes when you use it regularly.  By the end of a year, you
could easily have 15,000 or more relevant, quality,
one-way links to your site!

That is the power of this system. And that is why it beats
every other traffic generation and SEO system there is.

So, unless you don’t have an online presence at all, isn’t
it time your harnessed this power for your own business?

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