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Simple Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate and Get relevant Traffic

Every online user knows the importance of low bounce rate. Low bounce rate is the representation of your good site or blog. But some questions always disturb our mind like – how this bounce rate affects our site, why this is important for us, what is the gain to make the bounce rate as low as possible, etc, etc. These questions are very genuine to come in our mind. So let us understand that what exactly this bounce rate is.

Bounce Rate is basically a measurement of the quality of traffic drives to our site. One can mathematically measure bounce rate as “the total number of visitors viewing a single page” divided by “the total entries to that page”. In a simple way, it is the number of visitors that come your page and leaves the page without viewing another page of your site.

Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate

1.)    Always use relevant and effective keywords for your website’s page. Selection of right keywords is very important to increase the credibility of the site. If keywords are relevant then you can select accordingly relevant tags and create relevant content and then posting them to relevant pages which is very important. And it attracts relevant traffic to your site.

2.)    Second important thing is to improve your page loading time. Sometimes when user clicks to your site and the site is not opening quickly; user cannot wait for so long, he just cross your site and switch to another site. So it is important to reduce the page loading time so that site will open quickly and you decrease the chance of losing your traffic.

3.)    Pay attention to the quality of your content. It should be relevant with your site and topic. Content adds the flavor to your site as it holds the readers to your site which reduces the bounce rate.

4.)    Navigation Structure also plays an important role to reduce your bounce rate. If buttons are properly placed in your navigation structure then it will be easier for the visitor to stay on your site and visit the other pages also.

5.)    Effective internal linking is also an important factor to minimize the bounce rate. So you should be very clear about placing the links of your internal pages having good content or recent articles, to the required pages of your site.

6.)    You can also use the tools on your site to reduce the bounce rate. These tools and features attract the readers to move to another page rather than close your site. Some of these tools and features are: Related Content, Comments, recent articles, featured content, top stories and feedback form.

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