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Simple SEO Tips

1. Use META tags – they are very good for search engines, however don’t repeat the same word multiple times in the header, description or keywords.

2. Make sure your site has a high keyword density, but don’t try to falsely increase it by adding hidden text.

3. Use ALT tags for images and TITLE tags for links.

4. For your page titles try not to make them into just lots of keywords.

5. Try also to avoid having links to pages on your site with multiple keywords in the URL, make it 1 or 2 at the most.

6. Build a site map for your site and submit it to Google Sitemaps.

7. Try and get lots of similar sites to link to your site, you can do this by buying links, offering a link in exchange or just asking nicely if they’ll link to you.

8. Try and make the URLs of your site simple in structure, so not id?=article0034.php , instead try to have seoarticle.html.

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