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SEO and the Internet: The Dynamics

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a recent trend in internet advertising the uses the search engine’s mechanism of “searching” and “scouring” the internet for websites containing information relevant to the keyword entered by the user. Keywords are the lifeline of any strategy concerning search engine optimization. Without keywords, the whole mechanism crumbles to the ground, useless. Keywords are simple, short phrases containing the statistically most searched for words in the internet search engine log. These keywords, if utilized properly, can spell the bloom or doom of the website in the internet. The search engine is the backbone of the internet where users all go into if they want to search for information. Everything is in the internet, however even if one site contains all the information that a user needs, it has to be connected to the backbone, and connected strongly and firmly, otherwise it will be driven to the dark corners of the internet, derelict and cobwebbed. Remember that the internet is a vast place containing millions of discussion boards, image boards, websites, databases, and so on so forth. Getting lost within the crowd is suffocating and fatal.

SEO allows websites to surface amidst the mass of both useful and useless heaps of data. The information piles up senselessly without search engines, and search engines serves as the window that organizes what is important and what is not. Search engine results are usually organized in hundreds of pages, with the most relevant being in the first page and the number one result. First page results are typically the only ones which are being opened by the internet viewership. The higher the page number of the result, the greater the probability of it not being opened and being considered as spam by users. The credibility of the information is also dwindled compared to those found in the first page. This arbitrary standard created by search engines is not really arbitrary, for it uses a specific algorithm that is unique to the search engine.

The most popular algorithm used and exploited by SEO consultants is the Google search algorithm. Google is the largest search engine in the internet and in the world, therefore capturing the highest rank in the Google search results page is indicative of good strategy and popularity of the website that one is promoting. Implicitly, it also implies credibility of the website in divulging information which is legitimate and ultimately safe and user-friendly.

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