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SEO is Still Working and A Great Way to Get Traffic

I just wanted to drop a note and let you know not to panic if you’ve been reading a lot about SEO and Google.

SEO is still fine. It’s still a great way to get traffic.

In my opinion, you’re almost throwing away money if you’re not incorporating SEO into your marketing efforts.

That’s because search is such a big thing online.

And search is practically controlled by Google. They’ve also got YouTube and now they’re trying to do something in the social media space with Google Plus.

It’s ridiculous how much of the internet Google controls at this point.

But anyway, if you keep reading stuff about people not knowing what Google wants or SEO is dead or just general ‘hype’, please don’t freak out.

I’ve actually gotten BETTER rankings here in the last few months.  So it is possible.

The whole thing to keep in mind is that Google wants to look good for their visitors. That means if someone does a search through Google, they want to show them the BEST sites. They don’t want to show them garbage.

And too many people have been taking advantage of tricks to get their garbage sites at the top.

Believe me, I’m all for earning money, so I totally get why someone would do this. Especially with all the courses out there advertising how you can get #1 rankings with this push button system or that.

And some of it does work, but often if it does, it’s not for very long.

I know I want to earn an income from my business for a really long time. So I try not to get sucked into that kind of hype, but realize it’s hard, especially if you’ve just gotten into SEO or earning money online.

And even if you haven’t, sometimes the sales letters are so good we just can’t help but pull out our credit card (I still catch myself doing it from time to time).

Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff going on, people are finally figuring out that Google does manually penalize sites (and can do so for linking).  But this actually isn’t really new. It’s been going on for years.

Google has seemed to figure out a way to catch more of this, but at this point, they’re sending out a lot of warnings. So if you’re one of the people who’ve received an ‘unnatural linking’

message in your Google Webmaster Tools account it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a manual penalty.

It doesn’t mean you’ve got to send in a request for reconsideration.

And unless you really have a manual penalty, I would not send one of those in.

I’ll give you more details on this here soon.  But just wanted to point it out ASAP because I see a lot of people really freaking out and then of course giving everyone bad advice.

A lot of times when you have a manual penalty Google doesn’t tell you. You just lose all your traffic.

Another thing is with the blog networks.  Google has always hated paid links. This is not new.  Anybody selling you links on their network is at risk of getting found out.  They’re basically advertising to everyone (including Google) that they’ve got a big old network where you can pay to get links from.

So of course that’s going to be on their radar.  It used to be that some of these were VERY expensive and underground and those were a lot safer. But at this point I don’t recommend any blog network.

I hate to do that to the people selling them, but I need to keep your best interests first.  There’s been an explosion of blog networks and link networks in the last year or two.

And this will sound crazy, but the problem is they work great. So that’s why they’ve attracted so much attention.

That’s the problem in Google’s eyes.

You can get a garbage site ranking really high by using them. So in my opinion, their webspam department is going to keep finding and deindexing these networks as fast as they can.

And they’re doing a good job of scaring people right now so I wouldn’t say as they take down one, a new one’s going to crop up in it’s place.

It’s just not going to be as profitable to create a blog network, at least not one that’s public and especially not one that’s advertised all over the place like most of these are.

That’s the way I see it at least.

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