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Some Predominant Trends in Content Marketing

“Content Marketing” encompasses marketing methodologies that engross the creation and sharing of content to engage,attract, and acquire prospective customers with goals to drive in profitable customer action. The basic platform on which Content Marketing thrives is the subscription to the notion of delivering relevant information to customers that drives advantageous action. It improves brand loyalty and retains the attention of the reader.

Sharing content means persuasion of decisions that would drive content marketers to make the informational assets available to the selected audience. New information can also be shared via any media. It can be in the form of customized magazines, online newsletters, whitepapers, podcasts,etc. It is important to inform the customers about industry issues and products of the marketer. The incentive of content marketing is spreading awareness that would result in brand recognition. The following are some of the trends on content marketing this year.

Crowd sourcing in content creation

Crowd sourcing is defined as the process that would involve outsourcing tasks to group of people. The difference between crowd sourcing and outsourcing is that the tasks are outsourced to indefinite public rather than paid employees. One of hot trends in 2012, it became a rage with the purchase of Huffington Post by AOL in 2011. With valid business infrastructures, it is the creation of content at low pay or free for online brand exposure. One of the emerging trends is social media wherein companies asks and invites followers to upload photos and tag as friends. The company gains exposure and is able to form a brand identity by leveraging the potential of the crowd rather than spend money for content by themselves.

Content Aggregation and Syndication losing heat

Another trend hot this year is Content Creation. Content Creation can be defined as the discovery, gathering,and the presentation of digital content that would become one of the staple for creation of an online presence. On the other hand, online syndication and content aggregation is losing out. This was the result of the Google Panda algorithms that disabled the practice of aggregation of links and republishing content.

Unlike the republishing of the content, content creation gained momentum with humans selecting the best content in their area of expertise, adding their commentary, and sharing links of the original content. This added value and convenience. It amassed the content from varied sources to generate what is useful and relevant and funnels the information in the organized manner.

Media Branding

Publishing content utilizing the social web is out of context. Today, branding is publishing content similar to media companies. Most organizations have understood that social media is not for marketing pitches. It is important to connect with the audience and to think like the publisher. 2012 would see more of informative editorial content alongside of sporadic marketing taglines. The brands would use video and mobile friendly content as response to the humongous growth of mobile phones.

Integrating Content Marketing

It is important to integrate the consumers with experience and content that would enable interaction with the brand. In 2012, silo marketing is out of fashion. Silos are repositories of information that would supply arsenals of value to the business. In silo marketing, each silo represents its definite message and strategy for conveying that message to the audience. This year marketing has been about online and offline, traditional and social feeding off competitors. Whatever the kind of approach is taken, from Facebook contests, to in store signage, every road should be leading back to a singular brand promise and online destination. (The company website or blog).

Content marketing would continuously evolve to produce information that is useful and consistent. Search Engine Optimization Consultant thinks that content remains an integral part of SEO as genuine content aids in conveying the message across and creates a brand status.

AUTHOR BIO: Search Engine Optimization Consulting would always emphasize on content being responsible for search engine ranking. Aditi Biswas worked with Search Engine Optimization Consultant to determine the prevailing trends of content marketing. She also writes news and blogs of the present technological advancements.

I am an employee by profession but a blogger by passion. In my free time I love to write about SEO and blogging.

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