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Long Tail Optimization

While commonly called Long Tail is about the smaller but passionate buyer, another thought should be given to get the items found.

This is the essence of the long tail optimization.

Also known as “e-commerce optimization” or SEO catalog. ” This term simply means to ensure proper naming structure, meta-tags and labels for each product found in e-commerce site.

Like most ecommerce sites occurs dynamically, it’s much easier to implement the necessary changes in the code for each product code performance at a granular level.

Surprisingly, there are many sites that are not taking advantage of this. Some reasons are:

* The site is static
* The Content Management System (CMS) does not allow the encoding meta tag
* The SiteMaster is not aware that may affect all products
* Red Ribbon
* Ignorance

If the web administrator knows the simple basics of SEO, you can easily apply the values of all the pages of any CMS system creates.

So why bother?

While it is true that 20% of all products / services / artists deliver 80% of revenue, the remaining 20% of the Long Tail with time, can justify the effort required to obtain and maintain the ratings necessary to lead conversion.

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