How to Maximize your potential to make money online via News Websites

Make-Money-Online-by-Working-at-HomeOne of my office mates, while browsing our social networking page incidentally clicked the link pointing to this blog.  My name is  posted in every posts as poster/admin.  She confirmed and asked me if this make money through the internet scheme really exists in the internet.  We visited this blog and I showed her how long I have been maintaining this blog and said, “do you think I will maintain such blog on how to make money through the internet if this does not exist?”, I told her.

This person is one of those who consumes most of her precious time through the internet playing online games, social networking or just researching for an assignment of her younger brother and sister currently in college.  Obviously, the process of this money making trend over the internet is too broad to discuss for just an hour, so, I just pointed her on a news website where she can contribute a news article and from this news article she can generate make money out from it.

I pointed her at, one of the most popular news website who offers payment for their news contributors through pay per view and the rest is explained at the  Actually she is familiar when it comes to writing articles and I am positive she can write not only good news articles but also articles which may be helpful for those who will have the chance to read the articles.

I did my best to convince this person and to give her more details on how to make money through the internet, I suggested, of course, to read all the article I have posted in this blog.  Yes, If you will only browse and read the content of this blog, you will be equipped not only for info about how to make money through the internet but also you will discover important tools and techniques on how to maximize your writing skills to make money even more through the internet.

Author: Kerry Tiwana

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