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How to Get More Juice From Your Search Listing

Here’s a real quick tip a LOT of people overlook:

Too many people try to optimize their website to get high listings
in Google. There’s nothing wrong with this but pay real close
attention to your description tag. A lot of description tags seem
to be written more for the Google Bot than people.

You get 160 characters (think Twitter) to put your sales message
right in the search results. This is what people actually see when
your site comes up in the search engines.

Pay-Per-Click people spend so much time tinkering with their ads to
get higher click through rates. If you do the same with your
description tag you can see a bump in traffic without even moving
up in the search listings.

If you haven’t put a lot of thought into your description tag you
should. It’s an easy way to get more traffic.

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