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A Brief History Of Seo

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to improve the visibility of a website on the pages of search engine results (SERPs). In general, Internet users tend to visit only the websites listed in the first SERP. The higher the SERP ranking of a website, the more likely that the website will be visited by visitors. We all know that traffic contributes greatly to the success of a website, SEO is used to ensure that the website has a range high enough to be on the first SERP. Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing), a process that aims to increase the visibility of a website through the use of contextual advertising or paid placement, SEO emphasizes the use of specific keywords to attract spiders or web crawlers.

Search engine optimization process was implemented in mid-1990. Back then, Google still only a concept and Alta Vista was the number one search engine in the Internet world. Webmasters or developers of web sites used to send the URL of your site to Alta Vista or similar websites, so it could attract more traffic. Consequently, “crawlers” or “spiders” were assigned to visit the web site made for the purpose of creating a copy of all web pages visited. The site is indexed after the crawlers have saved the download website in the search engine server.

The term SEO was first used in 1997, as suggested by industry analyst Danny Sullivan. The first documented use of this term was in August 1997 Multimedia Marketing Group John Audette. However, Bruce Clay filed a copyright for a website that contains the term and the copyright came into force in March 1997.

As web site developers became more aware of how good classification could benefit their web sites and how they work crawlers, many of them began to come up with new ways of doing SEO. Today, SEO has become one of the focal points of Internet marketing, and many people or companies that provide different types of SEO services and techniques. These techniques can be ethical (white hat techniques) or not (black hat techniques). Given that not all SEO services and techniques are ethical, owner websites have to be careful when choosing an SEO firm to hire. The success of white hat techniques will improve the credibility of a website and SERP positioning, while the black hat techniques can get your website suspended or terminated, including search engines.

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