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How These Companies Marketed Their Products Using Social Media?


Social Media presence is a strong tool for marketing today and there is a reason that every company is making its mark here. But then there are blunders which kind of turn the tables for an organization in a negative way. There might be a few cases where flaunting on social media turned out to be rude for an organization but at the same time there are companies that have helped in increasing sales through a simple social media strategy. The following post talks about such companies and the social media effort it has made to increase its numbers.

Social Media and Digital Marketing are the two things that have reduced the marketing budgets of a company and at the same time increased the popularity to an extent that traditional ways of marketing could not even imagine. Some companies who have achieved something fruitful out of the social media strategies they have followed are discussed below:


Selling stylish, affordable yet modern products via its e-commerce website and retail stores, FabFurnish is India’sFabFurnish largest furnishings, furniture, kitchenware and home decor retailer. The aim of this e-commerce website was to boost its website’s traffic and to grow its sales by at least 20% through the medium of Facebook sales. The company ran photo ads that featured the products from the website that were visually the most appealing ones, while the links drove traffic directly to the company website.

The effectiveness of this campaign was guaranteed by the creation of effective creative ad content, the company produced in-house top quality images. FabFurnish targeted the right people, people living in the biggest cities. It used lookalike audiences to target its audiences.

The company received the following results after the campaign:

  • The revenue increased 10 times
  • The website traffic increased 5 times
  • The orders increased 12 times
  • The return doubled on the amount it spend on Facebook ads

The Fork You Funda of Social Marketing

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A small cafe in NCR gained popularity with a social media campaign that the restaurant started to create awareness about its presence. The strong and unique content that they created targeted on building brand and increase fan base, reach new audience and increase audience engagement and create viral campaigns. Forking Bollywood posters became legendary and the restaurant succeeded in its objective. The results for the campaigns were as follows:

  • 22% increase in the footfall of the restaurant
  • 12 times increase in the fan following
  • Increase in the number of fans on Facebook page, twitter and Instagram
  • 4 million of impressions on the social media page called as Fork You Too

Borosil’s Beautiful Food Experience

Final Borosil LogoOne of the best quality glassware companies in India, Borosil used social media as a medium to promote its products through an innovative campaign that they called #beautiful Food. The idea was to display that the food looks beautiful when served in Borosil bowls. The campaign took place in two phases where the phase one involved people to post pictures of beautiful food that they cooked and served. The phase two invited bloggers to write about a dish without using pictures. What did the company gain? The campaign helped the company to increase social media engagement by 100%, 50% increase in website traffic and more than a million fans on Facebook and Twitter.

Gaadi.com Content Marketing Strategy


The objective of Gaadi.com was to increase their social media engagement through content that speaks well with the audience. The company hired an agency to do the same and the results that they got were remarkable. Gaadi.com’s Facebook engagement went as high as 400% through content marketing. As a result the organic reach of the posts by the company page increased resulting in brand promotion.

CEAT Tyres: Superstition Digital Campaign

The TV commercial featuring the CEAT Tyres campaign of superstition already has gained a lot of popularity and with the same theme the company is launching a social media campaign. The campaign symbolised different superstitions that constructed a monster. The campaign was an interactive game session where the users killed the monsters by using the CEAT tyre. Other than this, the company used post promotions based on similar themes.

The Results? Facebook post promotions gathered an average of 0.29% CTR with 90% conversion.


Like these, there are a number of companies that have used this medium to promote their businesses. Therefore, social media jobs are quite in demand today.

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