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How proper seo efforts can help you stay among the top search results

After Penguin update it is clear that Google is making changes to the ways search results are determined and in the post-penguin phase no longer the keywords and key phrases are enough to make assured place in the top search results. Google aims at delivering the high quality content and the best user experience and a lot now depends on how Google feels about the relevance of your content in respect to the search performed by an individual.

The Google’s Penguin update does not signify that SEO is gone; you can still manage to achieve a high page number but what you have to do is following some new rules in the new scenario. In fact the penguin update has made the job of seo experts all the more challenging and all the more interesting who are finding new ways and strategies to tackle the new updates and still managing to rank the websites of their clients high.

When the Penguin update points at diminishing over-optimisation and therefore, it is important for a seo expert to understand how far the visibility of a website can be increased in response to search engine results without hampering the user experience. It is very important that backlink building strategies should not use techniques like anchor text keyword stuffing. Understand your link profile clearly, find out what searchers want to see in your specific area and include these into your link profile.

Now it’s time to understand good links; these links are those coming from a recognisable company or brand, should also be found on some credible websites and provide some kind of values to the user. The more important a link is to the users, the more they are going to follow it. Your website should be such that it is easy for Google to crawl. Creating a crawl path and including enough relevant content can do the job.

Penguin update is not a death sentence to SEO; there are still relevant and productive ways of promoting your website still being within the guidelines of this update. And this is where the job seo experts are getting all the more importance. Excellent seo packages at affordable prices are offered by some of the most experienced and reputed seo service providers out there.

Internet gives you an excellent opportunity to portray your products in front of the huge web audience and improve your sales and to make this dream come true every website owner must go for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. When your website is search engine optimised, it ranks well in the major search engines like Google and others and drives huge traffic to your site. SEO services from reputed service providers offers you great opportunity of ranking your website high by using the White Hat Techniques which gives you sure shot results without getting penalised by search engines. These SEO services come with the advantage of customer support and detailed reporting; moreover, the clients are able to customise their packages and change them as per their requirements.


Author Bio: Katherine Morgan is an SEO expert who has been associated with some top SEO firms for a long time. During her free hours Katherine loves to write blogs and articles on various Internet Marketing techniques and seo packages.

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