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The Passive Effect of Banner Ads for Monetizing Your Blog is Over

The traditional way of monetizing a blog site using banners is considered to be taking a dead end. This is a realization for many bloggers and ad publishers at the same time who have seen how banner ads placed on blogs could no longer provide the compensation that it used to generate in blogging. If you are one of the bloggers who rely heavily on using banner ads on your blog sites as a means of generating a passive income, it is high time to rethink your strategy again. The passive effect of banner ads for monetizing a blog has finally come to a halt and more bloggers are beginning to think of another way to redeem their blogging income through other means.

Ad blockers are the culprit

One of the recognized factors that affect the passive income that can be derived from displaying banner ads on blogs is the growing numbers of ad blocker tools. True, internet users do not like the annoying pop up banners that appear on their screen each time they visit a website and they used to be helpless about it before. But not anymore with the proliferation of numerous types of banner ad blocker tools that you can avail of for free. Popular internet browsers like the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox now provide plugin tools that allow its users to block ad banners from appearing on their screen. The consequence of this is that it reduces the chance for your online blog visitors to even see your ads at all. It appears that about 50% of internet users use these ad blocker plugins. Therefore your ad banners may remain to be invisible even when online visitors come to your blog site.

Passive income alternatives for your blog

If you have realized that your passive income in using banner ads on your blog is going to a dead end, then it is time to move on forward. Professional bloggers recommend another alternative for making money with your blog using affiliate marketing instead of displaying invisible ad banners to your site. An alternative way is to combine product curation with intelligent writing directed at promoting affiliate links. Your blog retains its a powerful influence in the buying decision making of its online users and you can redirect your effort of maintaining a blog that can earn you money through affiliate links promotion instead of banner advertisements. The internet is a community that offers the wide opportunity to earn an income. Bloggers need not depend so much on exclusively promoting banner ads in their blogs. Writing good blogs retains its appeal among product manufacturers on where to indorse their products and services and this can be a better way of promoting passive income to your blog alternatively.

Blogging methods without banner ads

Blogging remains to be an effective way of generating a passive income. You may not necessarily drop using banner ads to your blogs completely but it helps to realize that it could no longer sustain in delivering you the passive income that you expect to earn from it. While there remains to have a 50% chance for internet users to view your banner ads, you should consider re-directing your efforts on how to earn a better passive income better such as promoting affiliate links to your blog instead.


This article is written by Mackenzie Sulivan, who is a professional blogger, freelance writer and guest poster. She writes about SEO and technology articles for many websites through online exposures. She likes doing guest posts.

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