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Guidance to Write an Article / Essay / Story

Whether it was grade 3 in school or later in life or at work, sometime or the other we have had to write an essay or a story. Some people were good at it and some had to develop the skill to write.

What is it that we should follow to write a good story, a good essay?

To begin with we all know that a story should have correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, phrasing and the story should have a meaning.

We need to have the following in our story or essay which we need to remember

Plan your Story

•        It is the framework for writing

•        Use your ideas and information for building your story

•        Planning helps you to keep your writing more focused and keeps your word count and helps you go systematically from the beginning to the end

•        Helps you identify themes and break them into ideas

  • Title: – needs to be relevant and precise.
  • Helps you plan your easy\ paragraph before you start writing
  • Look in depth for the specific answer
  • Cut out irrelevant information and and identify the key points
  • Find phrases and words that can give a clue about the story/ paragragh/ essay.
  • Make Paragraphs: – we need to divide our story or essay into paragraphs because
  • It develops a main idea
  • Is about 9 to 10 sentences long
  • Helps you focus on your story
  • Paragraphs can be divided into
    • Cause and effect
    • Sequence or order
    • Problem or solution
    • Comparison and contrast

Every Story has an Introduction:-It is the first paragraph of an essay which will give us a brief of what you are going to cover in the essay or the story and discuss the title. It gives you the direction you need to follow to get to the conclusion. It should cover

•        The time period of the story e.g. How long back or when

•        The place you are mentioning in the story e.g. Where

•        What the setting is going to be e.g. the immediate surrounding

  • Sentences: – an essay or a story will have paragraphs which are made up of simple, complex, compound, and long sentences
    • Simple Sentence: – has a group of words which have a subject and a verb. E.g. Ram is playing football in his spare time.
    • Complex Sentence: – have one independent clause and at least one dependent clause where the dependent clause gives information about the independent clause.eg.
    • Compound Sentence: – joined two independent clauses and each contains equal information
    • Long Sentences:-where sentences have conjunctions and punctuations to make the sentence meaning full.
    • Story Content: – after the title and the introduction in a story or an essay you should mention the Characters which would help the reader to know who all are being mentioned in the story. It could begin with mentioning the main characters and then following it with the secondary characters and so on.

The story continues with the introduction of the Problem. To make the story interesting you should include a problem, the main character is going to face and describe the situation so well that the reader can almost visualize the scene. Depending on the number of words the story or the essay is supposed to have, you can make the levels of the story. Your story could have a simple problem including a few characters and also complex problems including all or quite a few characters.

After the problem has been stated we have to move the readers mind in to what is the characters Resolution to the problem. What action would you take to resolve your problem? You have to make sure that the resolution you are going to state has a meaning and a solution to the problem.

Then we have the Conclusion which is the last paragraph of our essay or our story. A conclusion would include:-

•        Solutions to the problems you have mentioned in the essay or story above.

•        Its about 10% of the length of the story

•        It gives you a summary of the story

•        It reflects the phrases and words mentioned in the title

•        We cannot introduce new words and ideas in the conclusion

•        It should be the closure of your story or essay.

These were a few points we could keep in mind while writing a story or an essay at any level in life. This makes it easier for us to write and make it meaningful and interesting for the reader.

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