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Google Base Optimization

Google Base happens to be the shopping search engine only allows traders to define their own attributes (optional fields).
It is also previously known as Froogle, and if you have any product that can sell online, you have no excuse not to use this service. It’s free, and Google is trying to promote is the use.

For best results in shopping engines, try optimizing your feed -? S is no longer enough to just send all their products and hope that the ads found.

There is a new opportunity can be had for online retailers, and is known as the “Onebox” result. For more information about this great way to drive targeted traffic, visit OneBox, a great blog that covers all the angles better than me.

Recently, Google made more generic level requirements, but there may be more if you are within a specific product category:

* Mark
* Condition
* Description
* Expiration_date
* Id
* Image_link
* Link
* Price
* Product_type
* Title

Understandably, some merchants are upset with this, as they have thousands of products that now need more information, and some products can not have all the required fields (expiration date, for example).

So how do you take advantage of this?

Some people search by color, some of the material and the like. All these opportunities are great for getting your product from a consumer who is willing to buy. It will take some time to create and get all making adjustments, but it’s worth.

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