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Instant Google SEO?

Google has changed its way of doing things! And you, the owner of the site should be aware of what is happening.

Google is always looking for new ways to help the researcher to find things faster, and this new change, which is a combination of two services. One of them for a while, it seemed to me next. Let us look at the new services:

Google Suggest – This always happens to web search, you will see a pull down menu refers to think what you are looking for. This has been around for a while time, and almost all online search tools, such as Yahoo and Bing is also good.

What has changed recently, how the new results were:

Google instant – This tool Google Suggest, and flows are the two things, firstly that provides shade findings suggest the results in the search itself. In the second part is that now the search results now really change the search page. What does this mean for webmasters? This means that more and more research will look for long tail search terms (2-3 words) will increase as researchers let for Google to tell them what to think.

This helps users find what they are looking for is no need to write real words and really show them, saying, for example, did not think of product X … discount (may not have searched thought the discount)

Think about that … Users do not need to write more. This is the goal, which basically lazy and want results immediately. This may mean that the spread of the number of searches, meaning that the terms are not superior to get many visitors and the time children were not allowed to receive visitors in the past. This also means that the tool [mantra-button-light url=”#”]Google AdWords[/mantra-button-light] exterior, used by most webmasters use keyword searches on the basis of precedents, is outdated.

I think it’s a profit for the owner of the premises for the 2, 3 and more keyword strings.

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