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Finding the Right Internet Marketing Company for your Business

Finding a responsive, results-oriented, and reputable internet marketing company is not something to be dreaded. Once you know what it is you are looking for, acquiring the ideal match for your business should be fast and should be relatively easy.

internet marketing

Here, we’ll discuss what you should look for and how to find it.

What is an Internet Marketing (IM) Company?

A quick definition:

An internet marketing company is a team of professionals that possess hands-on experience in branding and promoting a web-based business together with its products and/ or services in a particularly cost-effective manner.

IM companies should be well-versed in the following services: SEO, social media, PPC, web design, web development, conversion optimization, email marketing and tracking/testing and reporting.

Not every company will specialize in every one of these services, but they should have a very solid knowledge of each.

Why Work with an IM Company?

There is usually a common characteristic shared among successful individuals and businesses – they focus on one or two key pursuits and delegate everything else to other experts.

An IM company should have the capacity to save you not only time but also money over the medium to long term.

How do you find the Best IM Company?

A quick internet search will churn out a ton of results for IM companies. Identifying the ideal company to work with though is not necessarily an easy task. To make the process straightforward, here is a list of the top 5 traits which every top IM company should possess.

Top 5 Traits of an Effective IM Company

  1. They preach what they practice.

A quick way to assess if a company is going to be a good fit for you is to see if they preach what they practice. For example, should a company say they are SEO experts, check to see if they hold top rankings for relevant keyword terms such as “internet marketing company”.

The same thing goes for other services like social media or website design. If their Facebook page only shows 10 Likes, or their website isn’t up to much, it’s wise to move along swiftly.

  1. They are transparent and honest.

If you’ve asked a company what it is they do and the response is something akin to “we do not share such information” it’s an obvious red flag. Feel free to ask any relevant questions that come to mind, and in return, you should receive an appropriately open answer. After all, your relationship together should be transparent and honest throughout.

  1. They are keen to show valid results.

The company should be able to display to you some examples of past work completed, and preferably examples that are relevant to your particular business or industry. Of course, there is client confidentiality that comes into play, and in which case you may not be privy to actual budgets and profits. Nevertheless, there ought to be plenty enough to validate the company’s experience.

  1. They do not guarantee organic search rankings.

Most people want some form of guarantee as to search engine rankings but if an IM company does provide a level of guarantee – top spot, top five, etc. – then don’t believe them. There can never be any guarantee with respect to Google, Bing, or Yahoo search rankings and a reputable company will not endeavor to supply such a guarantee. They will instead help you to meet your objectives by conducting intensive research and then setting key performance indicators.

  1. They pick up the phone.

You may only become aware of this trait once you’re a customer. Thus, ask in advance about the level of customer support that’s provided. The team that you work with should be particularly responsive and accountable to your needs, and you need to ascertain that they will be, prior to signing on any dotted line.

Working with your Chosen IM Company

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate IM company for your needs, don’t be tempted to sign or to pay for anything until there is a mutual agreement over expectations. That includes such issues as expected results, level of communication, and turnaround times. It should also be clear prior to a solid agreement being made. If you don’t do this, then prepare yourself for disillusionment as the weeks pass.

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